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Washington DC Offices

Attempting to lease office space in Washington DC is often times an easy task for many businesses such as sales agencies, marketing firms and technology consultants. However, finding the best commercial office that fits the needs of your company is usually a very time consuming and inefficient process. Because of this, any business looking to lease Washington DC office space should always start their search with Officespaceheaven.com. Washington DC is the capital of the United States and was originally founded in 1790. The city dates back to the founding of the nation and is currently home to many political structures and historical locations that tell the broader story of a young nation. The population of this large city is estimated around 600,000 in the city center and quickly balloons to over 5.3 million in the greater metropolitan area. The city, once known as District of Columbia, has a diverse array of people from all backgrounds and a wealth of economical pursuits, but is dominated heavily by political entities. Areas around the Washington DC region that we service are Herndon, Metro Centre, Old town, Rockville, Sterling, Union Station, Upper Marlboro and Georgetown. We also provide office space in Richmond, Philadelphia and Manhattan.

Office Space Rates

There are a lot of opportunities in the area for entrepreneurs to build, start and grow their business through many new commercial real estate developments in the area. For those looking for office space, there is also a mountain of opportunity thanks to the number of white-collar jobs. Office space has been seen as low as $1 a square foot for even less than 1,000 square feet with many amenities favoring business minded individuals. Of course, rental rates vary depending on building size and the type of floorplan. Washington DC office space consists of executive office suites, furnished suites and temporary offices. The office vacancy rate of Washington DC hovers around 14% but has been as high as 20% in previous years. Because of the large vacancy rate, any business trying to lease Washington DC office space is in a great position. Because of the economic times for landlords, businesses are encouraged to negotiate their lease agreement prior to move in. For more info, see our office space articles.

Washington DC Employment

Washington DC’s job market has a staggering rate of 27% government jobs in the area. Many of the surrounding industries rely heavily on the government as they are businesses that help that sector. The workforce has major employment options in law firms, independent contractors, non-profit organizations, lobbying firms, trade unions, industry trade groups and professional associations of various types. The area also houses a large tourism industry with millions of people flocking to the area to see the historical buildings and museums that tell the rich history of the founding of the nation. The average annual income in the area annually is $55,755 higher than any other state in the nation. Despite that, 20% of residents were below the poverty level due to economic hard times in recent months. There are a lot of white-collar jobs in the area and a lot of people’s career hinges on the government. But there are also a wealth of opportunities in the service industry, tourism and much more. Despite a diverse array of options, the unemployment rate of the area is roughly 12%. It has reached a plateau and looks to be starting to decline but the area has been hit hard by recent recession woes. Because of the large workforce available, now is a great time to relocate your business and lease Washington DC office space.

Washington DC Economy

The major airport in the area is Washington Dulles International Airport and is located 25 miles west of the central business district. It offers services to the greater metropolitan area of Washington DC and helps provide upwards of 24.7 million passengers assistance throughout the year. There have been many improvements to the airport in recent years, including low-cost carrier Independence Air in 2004 and many other interior upgrades to help people traveling and have a better experience with travel. The crime rate in the area has seen a wave of changes throughout the years. The rate has been high at times but has also been as low as 51 per 100,000 residents, which is relatively low. In recent years there has been a drop in violent crime in the Washington DC area but there are sectors that have seen some elevated homicide and violent crime numbers. The region remains relatively low in crime considering the size of the metropolitan area. Please visit our webpage dedicated to office space in Washington DC. We offer a free service and will find the DC commercial office space that you are looking for. Utilize officespaceheaven.com when attempting to lease Washington DC office space.