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Despite the fact that buildings in the downtown area are limited in height to about 300 feet (as the Central Business District lies in the final approach flight path to the San Jose International Airport), the city is still facing a hefty 26.6% office space vacancy rate. San Jose office space rental rates have dropped slightly to $35.88 per square foot, and may fall even more as landlords are forced to compete for tenants. This is giving hope for any potential tenant wanting to relocate as it has been very difficult to do so during the times of a strong U.S. economy. Potential opportunities range from a large commercial property to an executive suite. Because landlords are so anxious, lease agreements and terms are very negotiable and tenants should be very thorough with their property search prior to move in. In the face of these economic times, projects are being canceled or put on hold; current major buildings are few in number and limited to residential development. If you would like to read more about local commercial real estate markets and pricing check out our articles page.

Much of the downtown area was formed in the 1950’s and 1960’s to make way for (at the time) newer, more modern construction. Two hotels, the De Anza and the Sainte Claire, have survived and are listed on the National Register, as is the Downtown Historic District, an area of only one square block, that contains some of the last remaining examples of late nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture. This constant growth has made San Jose office space rates very high – when compared to other west coast cities like Fresno, Oakland, and Las Vegas.

San Jose Economy:

San Jose, California, the leading city in Silicon Valley, is home to many high-tech companies that specialize in computer engineering. It is home to the headquarters of many major technology companies, including Cisco and Adobe Systems, and IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed, and Hitachi all have a strong presence there. Not surprisingly, San Jose leads the country in the number of patents produced by its residents.


The cost of living (164%) is among the highest in the country, but the population has grown by 6% since 2000 and currently stands at 948,279. The low crime rate (30 per 1,000 residents) no doubt is an attractive lure, although unemployment (11.8%) is a bit above the national average. With the national economy in the dumps, now is the time to find a commercial broker to represent you and sign a lease on a San Jose Office Space. There are also great opportunities for retail, warehouse, and industrial buildings that are sitting empty. Work with an expert and work with us.

San Jose Tourism:

There is no lack of doable activities in the city. Touring the Winchester Mystery House is one of the most popular. According to legend, Sarah Winchester, who inherited the vast Winchester fortune, lost her husband at an early age as well as a young daughter. For 38 years, from 1884 until her death in 1922, construction went on 24/7, and most of it was rather bizarre, with plans allegedly given to Sarah in her daily life. Other points of interest include the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph in downtown San Jose, the HP Pavilion, and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, which is built in Egyptian style and houses more than 2,000 artifacts, the largest Egyptian collection on the west coast. The San Jose Flea Market is the largest outdoor market in the nation, and features more than 2,000 vendors; due to zoning changes, however, it may have to close or relocate in 2010.


Nearby San Jose is Lick Observatory, which opened in the late 1800’s. Once San Jose began to grow in the 1980’s, the lights from the city began to cause problems, so the residents worked to reduce their “light footprint”. As a result, an asteroid was named for the city.
Sports / Culture:
There is a great tradition of sports in the area, but only two major companies still compete in the greater city limits. The major teams in the area include the San Jose Sharks in the NHL, the San Jose Earthquakes in the MLS, and many other small teams in the minor leagues. The area is in close proximity to the San Francisco area and there are many more teams there that resident Silicon Valley cheer for.
The greater San Jose metropolitan area has a low overall crime rate. It’s interesting to note that for a city of relatively large size, the crime rate is around 30 per 1000 residents and is lower than the national average.