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Business / City Services:
Sacramento is the capital city of California and offers a great deal of options for those looking to get into political employment and services. The city is sometimes referred to as the “River City” or “Sac-Town” and has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.
The city of Sacramento has a diverse economic portrait that relies heavily on several key industries. High technology, government, service, retail, and other commercial industries help fuel the local economy. Due in large part to the fact that the area is the capital city, the economic pull leans towards government positions that help employ thousands of people in the area. While the area has some large companies, there are not a high concentration of companies listed on the Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 lists.  We recommend that you read up on local business laws and such before you rent an executive office in Sacramento and find out you jumped the gun.
The economic picture Sacramento relies heavily on service and government industry. While those are large in the area, there are smaller pieces of the economic pie, that reflect a diversity and integration that many other large cities receive. Some of the large companies in the city include Aerojet, Arno Political Consultants, Grind Hard Entertainment, Inductive automation, Unify Corporation, Tower Records, The McClatchy Company, and GenCorp, just to name a few.
Education / Commute:
Education plays a key role in the city of Sacramento and has a wide variety of higher learning options for those looking to get a degree in a variety of different disciplines. Some of the larger colleges and universities in and around the area include, American River College, California State University, Sacramento City College, MTI College,  Federico Beauty Institute , Cosumnes River College, and many other small and large scale colleges to take advantage of.
The larger airport in the area is the Sacramento International Airport. It is located 10 miles away from the central business district and helps 10.4 million passengers annually reach their destinations with relative ease of use.   Sacramento also offers a great public transit system for those who don't drive.  Major commute freeways inlude the 5, 80 and 99.
Office Space Locations and Prices:
Those looking for executive office suites and retail options in Sacramento will find that the city has a great deal of flexible options to explore.  In a recent survey of available options, smaller offices started at around $520 - $599 a month. Larger options and warehouse space were also listed in a variety of locations at around $1.65 - $2 a square foot for upwards of 2,000 square feet and more. The area has a lot of office space to look at, considering the white collar and government service industries are in high demand.  We have affordable commercial office space for rent in Class A and Class B office buildings, and we have vacanies in the newest business centers in Sacramento.  With units that start at about 90 square feet and up, Office space heaven can help any type of business, from law firms and banks, finance, mortgage and real estate brokers, consultants, counselors and therapists, and more.  Some of the popular office space locations for rent include Watt Street, K street, L street, Fulton Avenue and more. 
We also have serviced and shared offices for lease in Rocklin, Roseville and Citrus Heights.  With commercial real estate rental prices dropping over recent years, now is a great time for start ups and llc's to move into a new executive office space and lock in a fair and affordable lease agreement.  Most office parks that we work with have lots of amenities like parking, admin support, internet and phone system, etc.  Call us today or just search our listings online and contact via our website.  We update our listings daily and have the best offices for rent in Sacramento.  Another important thing to consider is do you want a furnished office space unit, or would you prefer an office space (typically larger than 500 sq ft) that you can furnish and design yourself? One rule of thumb about commercial office space is that if you plan on renting a short term lease - like monthly or 6 month terms - then go with a furnished option. on the other hand if you plan on renting an office space (in a larger building or office park facility) for 12 months or longer, then you should try to buy your own furniture and maybe even hire an office interior designer to help you with the layout and flow. Check out our office space articles to learn more about the local real estate market and the rest of California.
Culture / Crime:
The city offers a diverse culture. With so much of its history hinging on the gold rush era, many old buildings remain standing alongside many other interesting spots for tourists. Sacramento also houses many sports teams including the Sacramento Kings, the Sacramento Monarchs and a long standing tradition for Olympic and professional training for all walks of life.  Regardless of educational goals, the city offers a great deal of options to explore.  The crime rate of Sacramento is roughly 83 per one thousand residents. It is slightly higher than other mid-size cities, but has been looking at a down turn.  It has recently ranked as the 58th highest crime rate area in the United States. In recent years the murder rate saw a spike, but the bigger crime agencies in the area have been working on task forces to help lower the rate quickly, and hope to calm the rise in a quick and concentrated turn around.