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Palo Alto Rentals:

The city of Palo Alto is located in the southern region of the State of California in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The city is named after a tree that grows in the area named “El Palo Alto” which is Spanish for “tall stick, or pole”. The area is famous for several different reasons one of which including Stanford University and sitting in Silicon Valley. The estimated population of the city is 59,408.

The economic portrait of the area includes a great diverse array of business and industries. It is often times called a focal point of Silicon Valley with more than 7,000 businesses and nearly 100,000 workers. One of the major business parks in the area includes Stanford Research Park which is notable for having a great concentration of high technology companies. Some of the larger companies in the area include, Google, Yahoo, Aricent, Genector,  IDEO, Merril Lynch, Danger, Inc, and much more.

Palo Alto CA Commercial Office Space Rental Rates:

Try to plan ahead and think about how many employees you intend to hire, what type of lease you need, and what type of floor plan you need (call center, bullpen, open, etc.).  We have office suites that can accommodate law and marketing firms, insurance and real estate agents, medical, private brokers, and more. Those that are looking for office space in and around the Palo Alto area will find that there is a high concentration of spaces to look at near larger tech companies. The real estate costs are high, but rental rates can be found somewhat reasonable in many areas. In a recent survey of vacancies, options started at around $650 a month for very small spaces, meanwhile larger spaces were available for retail and warehouse space with 3000SF and above.  Renting or leasing an office space in Palo Alto is a must for any business that wants to compete. We have serviced office suites, professional executive suites (with conference rooms, shared spaces, and amenities), and we also can help you find larger commercial properties in the Palo Alto area. Search our office listings before you sign a lease and let us help you organize and negotiate good lease terms (monthly, short term, or temporary). We also have office buildings and office spaces for rent in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Mountain View.  Some of the local zip codes that we service are 94301, 94302, 94303, 94304, 94306, and 94309.  The major local airports that companies and visitors would use are San Jose International and SFO

The climate of Palo Alto is favorable and is relatively close to that of the San Francisco Bay Area temperatures year round. The weather is cool with wet winters and summers that are warm. There is not a lot of extreme weather in either direction and is one of the major draws for new comers to the area as it's "California Living".