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OC Office Rentals:

Orange County is a county in the Southern California region. IT covers many different cities and has an estimated population around 3 million people. The county is famous for tourism and has some of the most visited attractions in the world, including Disneyland, and Knott’s Berry Farm. The majority of spaces in the area are suburban in nature despite some urbanized areas, and is seen as one of the most conservative areas in the state of California. Many of the cities in OC have properties available, from Huntington Beach, Manhattan, Redondo, Anaheim, and near the 55 and 57 freeways. If you need to lease an office suite in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Oakland, we can help there also.

The Orange County area has many headquarters listed in the Fortune 500. Some of the largest companies in the area are Ingram Micro, Western Digital, Pacific Life, Allergan, Broadcam, Edwards Lifesciences, Epicor, Standard Pacific, Blizzard Entertainment, and many other big name companies. It is an area rich in economic development, and is continually growing by leaps and bounds. There are many vocational roads to travel in the area, yet the unemployment rate is 9.7%. While the rate is higher than the national average, there are still opportunities for all walks of life to explore, specifically in the tourist industry, which employs tens of thousands of people annually.

Office Suite Prices:

The city has a great amount of funds dedicated to urban and suburban development for residential and commercial purposes. With many tourist attraction being worked on and expanded, much of the development shifts towards tourism, but office space, retail space, and warehouse space abound in the general vicinity. While the median price of office space is relatively high in some areas, a recent survey of the vacancies in Orange County California, yielded results as low as $250 a month for small office space, and $1 a square foot and below for 1,000 square feet. Most options abound in the outer areas of the cities, but there are some exceptions. The office suite vacancy rate of Orange County is at around 19%, so businesses of all types can find opportunity to house or grow their business with general ease.

Office Space Floor Plan:

Renting or leasing an office suite in OC is a big move and unless you are going to rent a virtual office, it won't matter if you are leasing a temporary unit, an entire building, or just a private executive suite, you still need to consider the office floorplan. Do you need a bullpen layout for a call center, or a standard design for a medical office or law firm? Do you want a furnished space, or will you purchase furniture. Cubicles and office workstations can be rented, which helps design the interior, which can be customized to hold 1 - 100 employees. If you need help finding out how much office space you need and how to pick an office floorplan, we can help.

Crime / Culture:

The local airport in Orange County is John Wayne Airport and is a regional airport. Most often, people go to Los Angeles International airport, which is roughly an hour or so away. This mid-sized airport helps 8 million passengers reach their connection flights in other parts of the country, and offers support to many passengers in the greater Orange County area.
For people looking at Orange County for higher education opportunities, the area has many private and public universities to facilitate that need. Some of the universities and colleges in the area include, Concordia University, Hope International University, California State University, University of California, and many other options to help get a better education.
Despite a deep pocket of conservatives, a large amount of protestant churches, and wealthy areas, the greater Orange County metropolitan area has been dealing with a gang violence issue for quite sometime. There are some coastal locations where there are no major crimes, but the interior has some pockets. Much like other metropolitan areas that cover many cities, Law Enforcement has been fighting the rise of gang activity and gang violence for some time, and has been winning the battle in most degrees.