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San Diego Offices:

Looking for the ideal commercial office space to rent that suits your business’ needs is a long and tiresome process. As the Great Recession has continued to get worse, it's become a necessity for any business, consulting firm or phone center to find the optimum office space. provides a free service and we have a proven track record to help you succeed with your search. The second largest city in the state of California (second only to Los Angeles) is San Diego. Located in the southern part of the state, San Diego is one of the most unique cities culturally and aesthetically. It is located on the West coast and has many miles of beaches, garnering a lot of attention from tourists and residents alike. Areas in the San Diego region that we service are Oceanside, Point Loma, Rancho Bernardo, San Marcos, San Carlos, Santee, Solano Beach, Sorrento Valley and Vista. We also have office space for rent in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Orange County.

Office Space Rates:

The economy of San Diego hinges on military, tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and the service industry. The city offers a great amount of opportunity to further your lifestyle with ease. The city of San Diego gives back to the community in terms of commercial real estate developments as well as office space of all types. In a recent search through vacancies in the greater San Diego area, results yielded small office spaces starting at around $1.50 a square foot, and for larger spaces for 1,000 square feet and above starting at under $1 a square foot. Many will find these rental rates for office space in San Diego to be extremely enticing. You will find a great deal of opportunities to grow and develop your small business in the greater San Diego area. Office space in San Diego include warehouse space, retail centers, executive suites, full service offices and furnished suites. Despite so many options and many different industries calling San Diego home, the unemployment rate was recently upwards of 10% but has since started to decline as the economy starts to shift. You’ll find that San Diego is a great place to chase your career goals. We have an in depth office space article resource if you want to read up on your local commercial market - about pricing, rental news, etc.

San Diego News:

San Diego has a population of 1,279,329 and continues to grow as people continue to flock to the area. The city has been touted as being the best place to live by Money Magazine in 2006. It has also been ranked the fifth wealthiest city in the United States by Forbes Magazine.
Higher education is an important factor to considering San Diego. Those looking to take advantage of the higher education in the area will find many options ranging from small private colleges to larger universities. The colleges in San Diego that call the city home include San Diego Mesa College, Point Loma Nazarene University, University of San Diego, The Art Institute of San Diego, Pacific College and so many others to take your learning to an all new level. You will find it challenging to learn and yet have a great backdrop to take breaks in. The city has a close proximity to Mexico’s border and many students find that attractive for their spring break options.

San Diego Culture:

The culture of San Diego hinges greatly on its roots as a Spanish colony. It has deep roots and ties with Mexico as well which creates a distinct array of cuisine, art and so much more. You will find that the area has a lot of things to explore.
San Diego is also the home to many sports teams, and is the home of the Holiday Bowl and the Poinsettia Bowl. The city has a lot of great things to explore and it is a great place to live, learn, work and play. You’ll be hard pressed to find another city with so much to offer in the southern California region. Visit our San Diego webpage dedicated to commercial office space. We provide listings and solutions to your real estate questions. We offer a free service and will search and find the office space in San Diego that you are looking for.