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OC Office Rentals:

Searching for office space in Orange County is an easy for many companies. However, searching and finding the right commercial real estate to rent or lease for your company is usually an inefficient and long task. Because of this drawn out process, all companies need to always begin their search for commercial office space with The second major county in the great region known as Southern California is called Orange County and has been on the radar to many people in recent years thanks to movies and television shows dedicated to the region. Orange County is a large county in the state and houses upwards of 3,010,759 residents and continues to receive lots of attention from all walks of life. It is currently the second most populated county in the state of California and is only rivaled by Los Angeles in terms of population density. Despite the vast amount of residents, the county has a diverse population with various opportunities to take advantage of. Areas within the Orange County region that we service are Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Laguna and Irvine. We also have office spaces in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego and San JOse.

Office Space Prices:

Office space in Orange County include executive suites, full service offices, retail locations and furnished suites. For those looking for office space and commercial real estate options, you can find spaces starting at $2 a square foot and larger options for under $1.10 a square foot and less. These rental rates for office space in Orange County are very affordable. These reasonable quotes and the beauty of Southern California make it an enticing location to locate your business. Regardless of the size of your business or how large you’re looking to develop and grow, you’ll find a wealth of opportunity in the greater Orange County area.

Orange County has been a major point of interest for tourism. Orange County is home to many amusement parks and is home to Disney Land. It also offers 40 miles of beaches, lots of entertainment and is home to the largest churches in the nation. Orange County is home to major religious buildings including the Crystal Cathedral, Saddleback Church and Calvary Chapel. It has been touted as one of the biggest conservative areas in the country and one media outlet even called it the “Most Conservative County”. There is plenty of room for the opposite side of the coin though and while it is highly conservative in many areas, that’s not the only part of Orange County.

Local Economy:

Orange County’s economy relies on the strength of its companies including many Fortune 500 companies. Among these large companies include Quiksilver, Del Taco, Taco Bell, El Pollo Loco and Claim Jumper. With many companies calling the area their home, it is a bit odd that the unemployment rate of Orange County has been at 9% in recent months. There are several business options as well including many new commercial developments to take advantage of.
Higher education shines in the sun of Orange County. Orange County houses many diverse higher learning options to meet all needs. The schools that call Orange County home include University of California, Concordia University, Biola University, The Art Institute and many other colleges. Both small and large institutions help students challenge themselves while enjoying the atmosphere and climate of Southern California.

Orange County California, has been a major center of attention with movies like “Orange County” and television shows like The “OC” and “Laguna Beach”. You can find whatever opportunity fits your needs including vast options in terms of education, business, employment and more. Whether you’re visiting Disney Land or Knott’s Berry Farm or enjoying the sun on 40 miles of wide open beaches, you’ll find that spending your vacation in Orange County is amazing. If you’re looking to stick around longer, you’ll find Orange County has a wealth of opportunities to take advantage of regardless of your background. So please check out our website as we have a page dedicated to Orange County. We provide solutions and offer numerous listings for office space in Orange County. Our service is not only free but we’ll also search and find the Orange County office that you are looking for.