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New Orleans Offices:

Searching for the ideal executive suite to rent that fits the needs of your business is a difficult process. As the Great Recession has continued to cause havoc on the economy, it's become a necessity for any consulting or financial business to find the optimum office space. provides a free service and we have a proven track record to help you succeed with your search for office space. The city of New Orleans is one of the biggest attention grabbing cities in the United States. The city is on the southeastern region of the state of Louisiana and is the largest metropolitan area in the state. The city has a deep French heritage that dates back to the founding of the state. The city has given great contributions to music, culinary arts and sports through the years. Despite Katrina’s havoc, the city has started to rebuild its name in both party style and rejoicing. Most recently the city was the center of attention with the New Orleans Saints winning the Superbowl. We service all areas in the local New Orleans region as well as those of the Baton Rouge area. If you need office space in Atlanta, Tulsa, Dallas, or Miami, we can help there also.

Office Space Rates:

With such an effort placed on rebuilding the city, commercial real estate options have risen throughout the area. For those looking to take advantage of the office space in the area, there are many options to consider. Office space in New Orleans includes retail space, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, executive suites, full service offices and furnished suites. In a recent survey of the vacancies in the greater New Orleans area, prices started at around $2 a square foot and less than $1 a foot for spaces beyond 1,000 square feet. Rental rates for office space in New Orleans are very affordable making it an enticing city to locate your business. You’ll find that office space in the area is widely available so that you can start or grow your existing business to greater heights.

Local Culture:

New Orleans has a heritage that is worth exploring for all walks of life. Whether it’s the musical endeavors and the birthplace of jazz music or the historical spots and locales throughout the city, you’ll find it hard to find another city with so much rich history. The music world as well as cuisine of New Orleans dates back to the foundations of the Louisiana Purchase. New Orleans offers a mixed variety of foods, all of which are deeply southern and full of spice.
The rich economy of New Orleans hinges on one of the busiest ports in the entire world. The center of maritime industry revolves on the major ports in the New Orleans area. There are also great natural resources in the surrounding areas including oil and petrochemical production. The economy also has large health care, education and many other opportunities for employment. The higher education in the area touts upwards of 50,000 students annually enrolled in over 11 major colleges. There are a great amount of career options. Despite that, the unemployment rate was roughly 5% and has been as high as 10% in recent months. But it has started to get back on track as the spirit of New Orleans has been returning with a vibrant energy that hasn’t been seen in many years.

New Orleans is a major hub for music, food, and culture. It has gone through some rough times in recent years but has bounced back with vigor. The celebrations in the area and the sports franchises make this city one of the best places to visit and enjoy, even beyond Mardi Gras. New Orleans has a grand landscape and is a great place to live, learn and play. You’ll be able to take advantage of great things while learning, and finding many career paths at the same time. If interested in finding an office in New Orleans please visit our site. We have multiple listings of all types of commercial office space in New Orleans and we offer a free service. We do the work for you and will search and find the commercial building your company is looking for.