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Office Spaces/ Suites In Miami For Lease:

Miami is a beautiful city that offers a great place for any new business to set
their roots. A Miami executive suite or office is more than just a place to meet clients
or to receive faxes and mail. Miami Florida is a growing city with almost 4
million residents (which is pretty large), and offers great weather, fair
pricing, and an endless supply of commercial office spaces for lease. Maybe your
company is just starting out and you only have 3 or 4 employees, or maybe you have
an established business that requires a larger office space in Miami - say over 1200 square feet.
Looking for a commercial property in Miami (Dade county area) can be frustrating, but
if you let a professional realtor help you search, you will find great rental listings for
restaurants, office spaces, warehouse space, and even retail units. There are so many things to do
in Miami that most people never find the time to start a business. If you are determined
to change your life and kick your business into gear, then find Office Space in Miami here.

Get A Good Deal On Your Office Rental In Miami:

Finding the right commercial office space to rent can be very time consuming, but more
importantly it can be very difficult (dealing with brokers, getting the money, etc.).
Do you need an executive suite, a temporary office, or maybe you just want to find
a cheap office space (hope you are flexible then when it comes to amenities). Leasing
the best office space in Miami can drastically help your business (large or small) due to many reasons.
So many factors go into creating a nice space for lease, but a few are location, commute access,
parking, security, layout, design, price, lease terms like 6 or 12 months, etc. If you live
in a big city like Miami then you know how pricing seems to vary on most office buildings so
you must do your research in order to get a good deal. Finding a quality real estate agent can
make the search for whatever property you want become a reality (they work for free for the buyer
so let them help you). There are many office spaces available in today's market, so do
your homework, start early, and don't be afraid to haggle over the lease price. Also you should determine how many square feet you need.

Find Miami Office Space/Suites for Rent

  1. Aventura
  2. Boca Raton
  3. Brickell
  4. Coral Gables
  5. Hialeah
  6. Kendall
  7. Miami Beach
  8. Miramar
  9. Pembroke Pines


Why Rent a Miami Executive Suite:

Living in Miami Florida offers a great chance to be successful if you are ready for the hard work.
Running your own business or even just working a full time job can be stressful and alot
of work. Nowadays many people (usually the creative type) start and operate a side business out
of their house to make some extra money. Working at home is great, but think about some of the
things that an executive suite can offer: an answering service, a place to meet you clients,
potentially a furnished place, many amenities like high speed internet and printing options,
and what about the chance to share ideas with other professionals. Even though the cost to
rent an executive suite is hard to keep track of, we have seen average rentals in Miami for
under $500 online. At some point the majority of home based businesses rent an Office space in Miami, Florida to grow their company, so if you start to see growth then that is the time to move forward. Find the best location whether it be downtown, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Aventura, Kendall, or any other local area and then get to work.

Office Spaces in MIami- Buy or Rent

With todays economic crisis hitting hard across the country, it is almost ridiculous to consider
buying a commercial building (even if it's just 500 sq ft.) in any city whether it's Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, or Miami. Purchasing an office building involves lot of internal planning, financial planning, and preparation to ensure your credit is in line. Leasing commercial office space is usually the best way to go when starting out due to many reasons.
The biggest benefit to renting an office (compared to buying) is that you will have much more flexibility.
Many office spaces offer a 6, 12, or 24 month lease option which allows the smaller business a chance
to grow. Buying commercial property is a lot more involved than buying a residential property (house, condo, etc.).You can't buy a business park or commercial building with 3% down or by using some crazy loan like have seen in the last few years in the residential market (interest only, option arms, etc.).
The safest way to approach buying commecial property is to rent First, and then once you know that
your office space is suitable for your company and offers all the amenities that you need (like internet,
parking, security, conference rooms, etc.), then consider looking into becoming a buyer. Owning commercial real estate is a huge commitment that shouldn't be taken lightly. For more info on local Miami commercial laws check out Miami info.