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KC Commercial Offices:

Renting office space in Kansas City is easy for any sales or real estate agent. However, searching and finding the right commercial real estate to rent or lease for your business is time consuming. For this reason, any company needs to always start their search with The city of Kansas City is in the state of Missouri. It is only 318 square miles but it has a great amount of attention. The city center boasts a great population of 475,830 and the metropolitan area population has a sprawling 2 million residents. The city is opposite of Kansas City, Kansas and has deep cultural reference points dating back to the Civil War. They also have a lot of great contributions to jazz, music, blues and the tasty barbecue that they are famous for. Some people argue that the best barbecue in the United States comes from Kansas City. Some areas in the Kansas City metro area that we service office rentals in are Council Grove, Crossroads, Gladstone Square, Missouri and West Plaza. Other areas we rent office spaces in are Indianapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boise, and more.

Office Space Rates:


Businesses in the area are finding that there are a lot of commercial real estate developments to take advantage of. Office space in Kansas City consists of executive suites, commercial buildings, fully furnished suites, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Business owners of all types are finding that there are great amounts of office space available at many different pricing levels. In a recent search of available properties in the area, there were spaces as low as $1 per square foot for 1,000 square feet and more. Smaller spaces are also available and are not too high priced. Companies will find that rental rates for office space in Kansas City are affordable with both short and long term leases. Whether you’re trying to grow a business or sustain a mid-level business option, you’ll find that the area has a lot of great properties to take advantage of. If you need more information on commercial real estate before you feel you can sign a lease on an office space in Kansas City, then read more in our office space articles section.

Kansas City Jobs:

Kansas City is a large city with many opportunities for people to live and work. The greater Kansas City area is home to four Fortune 500 companies and many more Fortune 1000 companies offering jobs to the millions of residents in the surrounding areas. Some of the large companies that call Kansas City home include Sprint Nextel, DST Systems, Garmin International, Russell Stover Candies, H&R Block and many other companies. The local economy has been called a boomtown in regards to white collar jobs but there are also many options for those looking to work in the service industry. The unemployment rate of Kansas City is 8.6% and has started to see a downturn due in large part to the rich resources available in the greater Kansas City area.
If you’re looking for higher education you’ll find that the city has some of the best colleges in the nation. The colleges that call the city their hometown include the University of Missouri, Kansas City Art Institute, Avila University, Park University, Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary as well as many community colleges and higher learning centers to help you move along with your educational career.

Kansas City is home to many major sporting teams. They feature the Chiefs, The Royals, the Wizards and more. Whatever sport you’re a fan of, you’ll find it in Kansas City. The city has a lot of great names in collegiate sports as well.
For people of all walks of life looking for office space, educational options or just a better lifestyle, Kansas City is an important city to look at. You’ll find that there are opportunities for anyone looking to see the great sights and eat some of the best barbeque in the world. So if you are looking for office space in Kansas City, please visit our website. Our service is free! We not only provide listings and solutions but we’ll also search and find the commercial office space that you are looking for.