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Miami Office Space For Rent


Miami Office Space Overview - Population, and Growth Expectations:

Miami Florida is a beautiful, sunny city that sits on the coast of Florida. As of 2009 the population is just over 400,000, and it's shown an average growth of about 11% since the year 2000.
Miami's cost of living is 37.41% Higher than the U.S. average, which makes it a tough place for any new business to establish itself, but one thing Miami offers in no state income tax (and that is something that any business, large or small can appreciate). The current unemployment rate in Miami is 7.70 percent, which is not bad considering the current economic status in America. Many companies are trying to diversify in this tough economy, whether it be cutting staff, or launching a new product, and all of this takes serious thought before making a rash decision. Although this sounds simple, it isn't in reality because finding the right office to rent (or product to launch) and establishing a new place in business certainly requires lot of analysis as it directly affects the profit and loss of any company. Right now the vacancy rate in Miami commercial sector is about 12- 14 % and climbing, but that can turn around at any point, and we hope it turns around quickly.

Getting a Good Deal On Miami Office Space for Rent:

There are a lot of companies which have been establishing new branches in several cities of America as they feel it will help them grow stronger and stand a better chance to survive. Finding a Miami Office space for rent is easy, so long as you have a flexible budget and you list of desired amenities is not ridiculous, now that the demand for office space in Miami is on the rise. Many companies specifically select Miami to relocate to just because of the fact that Miami is an affordable major city, when compared to the other popular cities in America. Miami office spaces for rent are available at discounted prices for those who are a regular renter - or any company that knows how to bargin with a landlord or property manager. Miami is still in an economic slump, like the rest of the country, and this gives an opportunity for any business (large or small) to secure good lease terms. Typically you can find office spaces that are available for 6 month, 12 month, and even monthly rentals, so do your homework and try not to be in a hurry - renting an office can be a major decision and it's certainly not something to take lightly. Check out Miami office space for rent in all these hot spots -aventura, brickell, boca raton, coconut creek, coral gables, dade, deerfield beach, design, district, downtown, doral,ft lauderdale, hallandale, gardens, kendall, miramar, pahokee, pompano beach, sunrise.

Miami Office Space Pricing and Standard Size:

Miami office spaces for rent, are available in different rates based on the type of office booked. The size of the office varies from as low as 100 - 150 sq ft, and up to1500 sq ft - just depending on your individual business needs. A company may require a large office if it plans for a long stay due to the requirements of the project it is working on. Some companies may look for a very short office stay, something temporary and there wont be many employees working on the project. Depending upon these specific needs, Miami offices for lease are taken. Miami office space is also available with in-house support executives and representatives (aka admin support) who help you all day for anything you might require during your stay. All this comes availalbe for just a small amount of $$, which can be paid for 1 or 2 years. The lease amount varies with respect to the size of the office space. Currently Miami office space starts from as low as $7 - $8 and goes up to $20-$25 per sq ft, depending upon the type of the office as well as the amenities offered inside the suite. If you don't know how many square feet you will need for you next office space, then read our article here.