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Commercial real estate and executive office space in Jacksonville are everywhere. The area is quite good for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to start and grow businesses. A recent search of office locations for rent in and around the city started at around $520 a month in prime locations for small offices. Large retail spaces and offices in prime locations started at $8.50 Sf/per year and going over $20 SF/per year for 1,000 square feet of space and more. It's interesting to note that commercial real estate developments are continually being made in and around the city, with a large focus on white collar options and office spaces to help the growing service industry and professional outfits and companies in the city. Renting the ideal office space in a desirable office building can really change a companies growth and overall business. We deal with Class A and class B office buildings, but we also have affordable smaller offices listed for rent. You can call us today or search our local units for lease, most of our commercial properties offer flexible lease terms (temporary and monthly) along with a variety of floor plans (call center, bullpen, etc.) . We also have commercial office spaces for lease in Jacksonville that are ideal for larger companes - say 2500 SF and above.  Prices range from .95 SF/per year up to well over $1.50, as it really depends on quality of buliding, lease terms and business profile (credit, etc). The average price to lease warehouse/industrial space is about $6 SF/per year, although we found spaces below $4 per year and some properties well over $10 SF /per year.  Usually prices vary by options like AC, yard space, office space at location, high ceilings, loading docks, etc.  We can basically help any company find any size space they need, but we do specialize in large office locations for rent in Jacksonville.
City Data: The city of Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida and is one of the major hubs for commerce and technology in the state. Located in the eastern state of Florida, the cultural center is quite large and continues to grow in a variety of different ways. The estimated population of the city is around 813,518 at the city core and upwards of 1.3 million residents in the greater metropolitan area.
Economy / Services: The economic picture of the city of Jacksonville relies heavily on a wide variety of industries and business types. Some of the major industries in the area include, financial services, consumer goods, insurance, technology, and high technology, just to name a few. Some of the larger companies located in the city include, Winn-Dixie, PSS World Medical, Landstar Systems Inc, Fidelity International Financial, Landstar Systems Inc, Baptist Health, Atlantic Marine, Armor Holdings Inc, Mac Papers, and much more. The area continues to grow by leaps and bounds in terms of commerce, and helps the state economy in a variety of ways. The unemployment rate of Jacksonville is 11%, and is slightly higher than the national average. Learn more about doing business in Jacksonville here online. Education / Transportation: Those looking for higher education in the city will find a great deal of options to explore. Some of the larger education centers in the city include, Jacksonville University, Edward Waters College, Jones College, University of North Florida, Florida Technical College, Trinity Baptist College, and many other educational institutes. The large airport in the area is Jacksonville International Airport and helps roughly 6 million passengers annually move through the area to their destinations. It is located 9 miles north of the center of the city and continues to expand in recent years. Of course the Jacksonville public transit is a great option for commuting.