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Trying to find the ideal executive office suite or commercial office space in San Francisco, CA can be a time consuming and frustrating process. The current economic times in which we live has made for a tougher business climate and has made it necessary for all businesses (or individuals like financial reps., stock brokers, lawyers, etc…) to find the ideal commercial office spaces with the most value. Even in today’s tumultuous market, we can help you find and lease San Francisco office space. offers a free service and has a proven track record to help any sized business be successful with their search for commercial office space in San Francisco. The fourth most populous city in the state of California is one of famous name and moniker, San Francisco. It is also the 12th most populous state in the United States. The estimated population of the city is roughly 808,977 and the metropolitan area swells to around 4,203,898. This small city is only 46.7 square miles and packs in the second-most densest population in the United States. San Francisco has been a center for culture, transportation and financial industries for a long time. Areas we service around San Francisco are Haight-Ashbury, Hayes Valley, Ingleside, Inner, Laurel Heights and the Castro District. We also provide office space in Oakland, Portland and Seattle.


Office Space Rates

San Francisco has a wealth of new and continuing real estate developments in the area to help house and help grow business related ventures. With such a large part of the local economy hinging on small business, the city has come through with a large portion of funds to continue developing commercial real estate. With such a large population density, rates can be somewhat expensive but the area is in close proximity to Oakland, California, which has lower cost rates. Office space in the area is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and is easily available to anyone pursuing the entrepreneurial spirit. In a recent survey of available office space in the San Francisco Area, rates started around $900 for 200 square feet and upwards of 3,000 square feet and more at around $2.00 and $1.75 a square foot. These rental rates make it a very affordable time to lease San Francisco office space. There are also many different options that can run lower cost, with multiple floors, offices, private skylights, call center infrastructure, parking and many other amenities. Some of the more popular types of rentals are virtual offices, fully furnished suites and shared space offices. You’ll find something for all your needs, if you’re looking to continue your business in the area. The office vacancy rate of San Francisco is roughly 12% in the area and has been hovering around that area for some time. Tenants are encouraged to negotiate rental rates on their lease agreement and should also research sublease options. For more information, please see our office space articles.

San Francisco Employment


The city of San Francisco has a diverse economy of different industries but the main ones are finance, music, film, pop culture and tourism. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the area with roughly over 8.2 billion dollars getting thrown into the economy and 16 million visitors coming through annually. The city is also among the top ten North American cities for conventions and conferences. The private sector is also a huge part of the local area with upwards of 85% of city establishments being startups and entrepreneurs that flock to the area. The city has seen a big drop of corporate employment as more people join independent businesses. Despite the wide array of different options in terms of vocation, the city has an unemployment rate of 10.3% in recent months. While experts are optimistic about the rate, the city still has a rate higher than the national average. With such a large, educated workforce available, now is a great time to lease San Francisco office space.
SF Culture/Economy:
With such a dense population and small amounts of space, it’s interesting to see that there are a lot of different places to study and get a higher
education. Colleges that call San Francisco their hometown are the California Institute of Integral Studies, Heald College, University of San Francisco,
California College of the Arts, UC Hastings-College of Law, San Francisco State University and many others. If you’re looking for education, San Francisco offers you a wealth of options to fit your specific needs.San Francisco is also home to some of the biggest sports team in professional circles. The San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League are one of the biggest teams in the history of the NFL and the San Francisco Giants are one of the most popular teams in Major League Baseball. The fans in the area are one some of the most dedicated and die hard fans of sports anywhere. San Francisco is a major cultural center in Northern California and features a close proximity to Silicon Valley. Real estate is not inexpensive in this area but there are still great opportunities available for both small business owners and people looking to work for independently owned and operated businesses. Utilize our free service and visit our webpage for assistance. We are a provider of
solutions to help you search and find a San Francisco serviced office.
The local airport in the area is situated off of the 101 freeway and is San Francisco International Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the United States. With so many tourists coming through the area, this major airport sees millions of travelers visiting through out the year. The San Francisco crime rate fluctuates between different rates due in large part to the close proximity to Oakland, California. The area has a moderate crime rate due in large part to their high-density ratio in terms of population. While the city doesn’t see quite as much crime as Oakland, there are still somewhat high numbers of crime in certain areas. Like any large city, there are a lot of different portions of the city that are somewhat safe. Please see our website for help if you are attempting to lease San Francisco office space. We are a full service provider and have multiple listings of all types of San Francisco office space. We also offer a free service.