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Sacramento Offices

Trying to lease office space in Sacramento, CA sounds like an easy task during these economic times for many firms such as financial agencies, call centers and online firms. However, finding the most suitable commercial office that best fits the needs of your Sacramento based business can often times be a very tedious and frustrating process. For this reason, any company looking to lease Sacramento office space should always start their search with our office space website. The capital city of the state of California is Sacramento. It is located in the northern half of California and is located near the Sacramento and the American rivers in the Central Valley of California. The city has an estimated population of around 463,794 residents in the city center and an expansive and bolstering metropolitan area of around 2,091,120. It has been touted as one of the ten most livable regions in the United States and was even given the award of America’s most integrated city in the U.S. by Time Magazine. Areas we service in the local Sacramento area are Natomas, Rocklin, Rancho Cordova, Roseville and Davis. We also provide office space in Portland, San Francisco and Oakland.

Office Space Rates

Sacramento has a great deal of commercial developments for both residential and commercial real estate needs. Some of the more popular types of commercial office space are virtual offices, fully furnished suites and shared space offices. The city center has a lot of office space available with large warehouses attached and in some cases retail centered options. In a recent survey of available office space in the general area, results started at around $2 a square foot for smaller opportunities and ranged upwards of 4,000 feet and above for only $1.59 a square foot. The office vacancy rate of Sacramento hovers around 15% in recent months but at one point late in 2009 had a rate of 42%! With such a high vacancy rate, tenants should negotiate all aspects of their lease agreement, including prices and whether or not a sublease is available. The rate has since gone down, but with the economic infrastructure changing throughout the country, Sacramento is a case model portrait for other areas. While the vacancy might fluctuate, it’s important to note that there are a lot of entrepreneurs taking advantage of low rates, and great office space layouts in the area. There has never been a more affordable time to lease Sacramento office space.

Sacramento Economy

The city of Sacramento was founded in 1839 during the California Gold Rush and has been a major distribution point ever since. The local economy hinges in large part to several industries including Government, agriculture and higher education. The local area houses many large universities and official government buildings. Many of the buildings from the gold rush era are still standing today as a great memory of the past. The city has a wide array of different employment opportunities from administration, professional corporate jobs, government jobs and many others. The city has a complex infrastructure with many entry level positions as well as corporate jobs in the private and public sector that people of all backgrounds can take advantage of. Despite having a wealth of opportunities, the greater Sacramento area has an unemployment rate of around 13% as it was affected greatly by the national recession. While the rates are looking to be dropping, and experts are optimistic that the state capital will bounce back, there are still a large amount of people unemployed in the area. With such a large workforce available, now is a great time to lease Sacramento office space. The local airport in the area is the Sacramento International Airport. The airport is located northwest of the city and offers a wealth of travel options for those traveling through the capital city of California. It has recently been retrofitted with many new upgrades that are garnering a lot of praise from the local community. The crime rate of Sacramento also fluctuates from time to time but is overall less than other large cities in the United States. At around 83 per 1,000 residents, the greater Sacramento area has seen a drop in crime rate, although three years prior it had increased. With more police attention to rougher neighborhoods, the crime rate is starting to lower by leaps and bounds. So, if you are trying to lease Sacramento office space then please visit our webpage dedicated to office space in Sacramento. We have a variety of listings available and we offer a free service to find the commercial office space in Sacramento that your company is looking for.