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Attempting to lease office space in Raleigh, North Carolina is often times an easy task for many businesses such as sales agencies, law firms, and investment consultants. However, finding the best commercial office that fits the needs of your company is usually a very time consuming and inefficient process. Because of this, any business looking to lease Raleigh office space should always start their search with
The second largest city in the state of North Carolina is often referred as the “City of Oaks” and is none other than Raleigh. The estimated population of the city center is roughly 392,552 and the metropolitan area is roughly 1,690,557. The city is part of a three-city triangle for research often referred to as the Research Triangle with cities Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Other areas in the local Raleigh area that we service are Mebane, New Hill, Rolesville, Rocky Mountain, Salem and Six Forks. We also service Atlanta, Charlotte and Jacksonville for office space.

Office Space Pricing

For those looking for business opportunities, to either house or develop business in the area, there are many options to take advantage of. Local real estate developments in the area have been booming and many office spaces have recently opened up. A recent survey of open spaces have been priced at around $1 a square foot for 1,000 square feet and above. Of course rental rates fluctuate depending on floorplan type and building size. Some amenities include extra warehouse storage space and even retail storefronts to grow or start your business the right way. Raleigh office space includes executive suites, large warehouse buildings, furnished suites and temporary offices. There is a high demand for office space in the greater Raleigh area has kept the vacancy rate somewhat low but in recent months the office vacancy rate was at 15% (but has been dropping). In fact, in recent articles the area was tied for the 5th best nationally in terms of vacancy rate. Even so, the current economic times have given tenants the leverage to negotiate lease agreements and prices. Better said, now if an opportune time to lease Raleigh office space. For more information, see our office space articles.

Raleigh Economy


The economy of Raleigh has several industries in the area including film, electrical, medical and electronic and telecommunications equipment. Outside of those mainstay industries, the area has a wealth of options including apparel, food processing, paper products, retail and pharmaceuticals. The city has a large city center with several different job opportunities for vocations of all backgrounds. Whether you’re looking for entry-level positions or looking to climb the corporate ladder, you can find a grand scale of options to take advantage of. The unemployment rate of Raleigh is lower than the national average at around 5.8% and has been fortunate enough not to be struggling too hard like other modern cities in the area. With such a well educated workforce available, now is a great time to lease Raleigh office space.
The local airport in the area is the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and combines hospitality and high-tech amenities that can rival any larger airport. The airport has been touted as one of the friendliest airports in the United States and has been helping millions of travelers annually with their travel to and from the greater Raleigh area. he crime Rate in Raleigh was recently at 6.5 per 1000 people with a decline in violent crimes and homicides in the area. In fact, the city was given a title of safest city in terms of size and has been said that it has the lowest crime rate in North Carolina. CQ Press even released a list and amongst the highest was the city of Raleigh. The city has been a major place of interest for many walks of life, including tourists looking to explore the rich history of the area. The city has a major historical influence that dates back to the revolutionary war era of the United States. With relatively low crime rate, large office spaces, real estate developments and much more, the city of Raleigh is a major center of commerce and more to live, work, and learn in. We offer a free service and have a wide variety of listings for Raleigh office space. Take advantage of our real estate expertise and visit our website before trying to lease Raleigh office space.