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Portland Offices

Trying to lease office space in Portland, OR sounds like an easy task during these economic times for many firms such as medical providers, law firms and tax advisors. However, finding the most suitable commercial office that best fits the needs of your Portland based business can often times be a very tedious and frustrating process. For this reason, any company looking to lease Portland office space should always start their search with Portland is a large city located in the northwestern region of the United States. It is one of the largest cities in the state of Oregon and is the most environmentally friendly cities in the U.S. The estimated population of Oregon is 582,130 and it is the 29th most populated city in the country. The greater metropolitan area of Portland has an estimated population of 2,159,720 and continues to grow. We service all areas in the local Portland vicinity. We also provide office space in Sacramento, Seattle and San Francisco.

Office Space Rates

The greater Portland area has many new and continuing commercial real estate developments. With so much development in the area, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of small and large spaces that can help grow and expand existing business or help people chase the entrepreneurial spirit. Portland has a wealth of office space available thanks to many large tech companies needing spaces and eliminating spaces throughout the course of their expansions and inevitable outsourcing. Virtual offices, full furnished suites and shared space suites are becoming very popular. The area has many spaces starting at around $400 a month for a smaller offices of 2,500 square feet and under a $2.10 per square foot for larger spaces. Many options have amenities like free utilities and some even offer retail adjacent spaces in top trafficked neighborhoods for the maximum in business development. The current economy has made it a very affordable time to lease Portland office space. The office vacancy rate of Portland is roughly 10% and has started to see a slight decline in the area during recent times. With the high vacancy rate, tenants should negotiate their lease agreements for not only rental rates but also to include the opportunity to sublease. For more info, see our office space articles page.

Portland Jobs

The economy of Portland hinges on a variety of different industries. With a low cost of living and great natural resources, the area has a lot of opportunity. There is a great wealth of jobs in the real estate and construction industries as well as recreation, banking, consumer goods, education and public services. Some of the largest companies in the world call Portland home including Nike, Precision Castparts, Schnitzer Steel and many more. There is also a great concentration of technology companies with roughly 1,200 of them calling the Portland metropolitan area home; the area is sometimes referred to as Silicon Forest. The city has a grand scale of opportunities for all walks of life and vocations. Whether you’re looking to start your career or continue to climb the corporate ladder, the area has a great wealth of options to explore. The area also features one of the largest concentrations of “DIY” shops, stores and many small businesses. Despite the vast array of options to explore in terms of employment, the unemployment rate hit 10% in recent months. It has been starting to slide a little as the national economic picture starts to stabilize a bit more. The population of Portland is well educated. With so many people looking for work in the area, now is a great time to lease Portland Office space. The large airport in Portland is the Portland International airport and is home to several large carriers. Located near the 30 highway and the 205 freeway, the airport rivals other large-scale operations in terms of entertainment, dining and flight options. The airport helps millions of travelers from around the world get to their destinations with relative ease. The crime rate of Portland, Oregon is surprisingly high compared to other cities with large-scale populations. The crime rate is 87 per one thousand residents but it has started to decline as more law enforcement is being placed to combat the growing rates. So if you are looking to lease Portland office space then please see our webpage dedicated to all types of office space in the Portland area. We offer a free service and will find the type of office that best fits your company’s needs.