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Pittsburgh Offices

Trying to lease office space in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania can be an easy task for many firms such as consulting companies, online marketers and entrepreneurs. However, finding the most suitable commercial office that best fits the needs of your company can often times be a very time consuming process yielding no results. For this reason, any business looking to lease Pittsburgh office space should always start their search with The second largest city in the grand state of Pennsylvania is none other than Pittsburgh. The area has a bolstering population of 334,563 in the city center and a metropolitan population of around 2,462,571 residents. The area has a major economical influence and was recently ranked as the 25th best state for jobs. Areas in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area that we service are Lacee and all suburbs including those near Alleghany College. We also service Detroit, Philadelphia and Cleveland.

Office Space Rates

Pittsburgh has a wealth of new commercial real estate developments, helping businesses grow, start and continue to expand with great options in terms of warehouses and office space. The prices in the area for small office space start around $2 - $3 a square foot for smaller offices with small amenities and 1,000 square foot areas at around $1 a square foot. Obviously rental rates vary depending on exact office location and floorplan. Prices and lease agreements should also be negotiated with landlords prior to move in. Office space in Pittsburgh consists of large warehouse space, executive suites, temporary offices and fully furnished suites. Many options come with adjacent retail storefronts, or extra storage and some even come with full utilities paid and security at no extra cost. The office vacancy rate in the greater Pittsburgh area has been at around 15% but has been as high as 20% in the past and continues to see improvement as more and more people realize that low cost office space abounds in the area. With such a market favoring tenants, now is a strategic time to lease Pittfsburgh office space. See our office space articles for more info.

Pittsburgh Economy

The economic picture of the city has changed throughout the years and has recently emerged through a diverse set of industries. Once only thought of as a steel-producing city, it earned the nickname of the “Steel City”, but has since moved ahead with technology. The city’s primary industries include robotics, health care, nuclear engineering, biomedical, retail, finance and services. The financial impact of these companies has given the city upwards of 10.8 million dollars annually. Several Fortune 500 companies and Fortune 1000 companies call the area home including U.S. Steel, PPG Industries, H.J Heinz Company, PNC Financial Services, WESCO International, Allegheny Technologies, Mylan Laboratories, CONSOL Energy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, American Eagle Outfitters, Kennametal, Atlas America and many others. The area is rich in employment opportunities and vocational jobs for all walks of life. Whether you’re looking to start your career or climb the corporate ladder, the greater Pittsburgh area has a wealth of options to look into. Despite the great amounts of jobs in the area, the unemployment rate recently was at around 10.6% and is on the decline. With the amount of universities in the area, the workforce found in Pittsburgh is well educated making it a great time to lease Pittsburgh office space.

The local airport in Pittsburgh is the Pittsburgh International Airport and is in Allegheny County. It has many amenities and options in terms of transportation and ease of use that rivals many other large-scale cities. The airport gets millions of travelers annually from tourism and business related ventures. The crime rate in Pittsburgh rose significantly in the past decade but has since dropped off and started to decline to 59 per one thousand residents. For the size of the city, the crime rate is relatively low and while there are some rough parts of the city, the majority is relatively safe compared to other cities with larger populations. Pittsburgh has seen some harder times in terms of crime with a major rise in violent crime and homicides as late as 2007 but has significantly fought it and for the most part law enforcement agencies have won many battles, lowering the rate significantly in recent years. So if your company is attempting to lease Pittsburgh office space please visit our website today. We offer a free service and provide multiple listings of all types of Pittsburgh office space (pics and images included). See our webpage at dedicated to office space in the Pittsburgh metro area. The economy of Pittsburgh used to rely heavily on steel, but has since redeveloped its claim to add major industries to their economic portrait. Some of the larger industries in the area include robotics, health care, nuclear engineering, biomedical technology, finance, and much more. The area is home to several large-scale companies, which employ hundreds of thousands of people from lower level positions through high-end management positions that garner six figure salaries. The Pittsburgh climate ranges between humid tropical weather and regional continental weather. There are four seasons that are evidenced by changes in the temperature. There are high temperatures in the summer and humidity to match, while the colder months can yield temperatures below freezing with a lot of snowfall. The area gets some extreme weather, but is in line with many other midwestern states. Furnished Office Space: Would you like a furnished office space unit, or would you prefer a commercial property in Pittsburgh that you can furnish and design yourself? One thing to think about when renting an office space is, you plan on leasing a short term lease - like monthly or 6 month - then go with a furnished option. But if you want to rent an office space (in an office park facility) for 12 months or longer, then you should try to purchase furniture, even consider hiring an interior designer to help you with the layout. The second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania is often times referred to as the Steel City, and it is Pittsburgh. The area is a center of business, culture, and was once a major hub for steel manufacturing, but has since diversified and created a long-standing tradition of economics. The estimated population of the city of Pittsburgh is 334,563 at the city center and upwards 2.4 million residents in the greater metropolitan area. The city has seen a slight decline in residents, but has continued to thrive due in large part to their sports, culture, cuisine, and high technology sectors.