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Philadelphia Offices

Trying to lease office space in Philadelphia, PA is usually a simple task for many companies such as financial firms, customer service offices and sales representatives. However, finding the most suitable commercial office that best fits the needs of your business can be a difficult process. Because of this, any company looking to lease Philadelphia office space should always start their search with
The largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and the sixth most populated city in the United States is none other than Philadelphia. The city has a bolstering population with many new residents flocking to the city in droves. The city boasts a central population of around 1,540,351 and upwards of 5,838,471 in the greater metropolitan area. The city has many popular nicknames including “Philly” and “The City of Brotherly Love” and has been a center for commerce and industry for many years. The city has a deep historical context that dates back to the American Revolutionary War. Areas around the Philadelphia metropolitan area that we service are Blue Bell, East Falls , Hatboro, Market Street, Mt Airy, Manayunk and Roxboro. We also service New Jersey, Manhattan and Boston.

Office Space Pricing

For people looking to start, build or house a business in the greater Philadelphia area, the city offers a wealth of resources to help with all needs. Office space in the area starts at around $350 a month with all utilities paid, free internet and many more amenities for small offices. Prices were also found to be less than $1 a square foot for large scale commercial office space at around 1,000 square feet and higher. Rental rates differ depending on the building’s size, exact location and floorplan. There are many new commercial real estate developments with many large retail adjacent options. Executive suites, temporary offices (of all sizes) and fully furnished executive suites make up Philadelphia office space. The office vacancy rate of Philadelphia has been around 10% for some time but has actually lowered in recent months. Tenants are encouraged to negotiate lease agreements with their landlords due to the current economic conditions. Because of the high vacancy rate, Philadelphia has become a “renter’s market”. There is no better time to lease Philadelphia office space. For more info, please see our office space articles.

Philadelphia Jobs

Philadelphia and the surrounding region has the highest GDP among American cities with a total of 312 billion dollars. The city has several Fortune 500 companies including many cable television and Internet providers. Some of the companies that call the Philadelphia area home include Comcast, Colonial Penn, CIGNA, Lincoln Financial Group, Suoco, Aramark, Crown Holdings Incorporated, Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline, Boeing Rotocraft Systems, and Pep Boys. The area also has a lot of great diverse opportunities for people to pursue different vocations. Whether you’re looking to start climbing the corporate ladder or are looking for entry-level positions in the retail sector, the city has a great amount of possibilities to explore. With such a large population spread across a lot of landmass, this city is a premiere location to live, learn and grow in your vocation. Despite the wealth of opportunities for people to work and live, the unemployment rate of Philadelphia has been at around 10% but has started to decline slightly as the recession starts to dissipate. Because of the large, educated workforce available, it is now a great time to expand or relocate and lease Philadelphia office space.

The local airport in the area is the Philadelphia International Airport. The area has a large amount of volunteer positions and employment options as well as many amenities that rival any major airport in the United States. The area gets millions of travelers a year, for both tourism and business related travel and has been known as one of the friendlier airports in the nation.

The crime rate of Philadelphia at one point had a murder rate of 1 per day and many other violent crimes were found to be rising. But, these statistics have recently started to decline. The local law enforcement agencies have been working hard to lower the crime rate and while there are areas in the area that are dangerous to be around, the greater snapshot of crime rates in the area is lower than many other large scale cities in the United States. We offer a variety of listings for all types of Philadelphia office space. Our website provides pics and images of available offices in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our expert real estate advice provided within our free service so visit before you lease Philadelphia office space.