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Memphis Data:
Trying to find the ideal executive office suite or commercial office space in Memphis, TN can be a time consuming and frustrating process. The current economic times in which we live has made for a tougher business climate and has made it necessary for all businesses (or individuals like financial advisors, medical professionals, online marketers, etc) to find the ideal commercial office spaces with the most value. Even in today’s tumultuous market, we can help you find and lease Memphis office space.  One of the greatest cities in the southwest corner of the United States is none other than Memphis. This large city is one of the great cities in terms of culture and cuisine and is located on the 4th Chickasaw Bluff south of the Wolf and Mississippi Rivers. The estimated population of this large city is 671,100 at the city center and upwards of 1,282,533 in the metropolitan area.  The central location of the city was a major factor in much of the business development. It is located in the Mississippi river and most if the roads and highways are intersected with freight railroads. The city is ideal for commerce with the shipping and transportation of the freight industry. There are even river barrages that are unloaded in to trucks and trains. The region is sometimes referred to as the mid-south and is the youngest of Tennessee major cities which include Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville. We service all areas in the Memphis area. We also provide office space in Nashville Atlanta, Richmond and Chicago.
Memphis Economy:
Memphis has a bolstering economy that hinges on some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Some of the companies that call the area home include FedEx, Autozone, International Paper, Thomas & Betts, Scherin-Plough Corporation and has been featured in many feature films throughout the decades. Recently, Inc. Magazine rated Memphis in the top eight of “The Best Major Cities” to start or grow a business. The city has a great variety of vocations that offers many different job choices to those that are seeking to start a job or continue their career throughout different industries. With many higher learning centers in the area, there is a large influx of talented individuals competing for jobs making it a great place to lease Memphis office space. Despite a large quantity of employment opportunities in the area, the unemployment rate has hovered around 6-10% which is higher than the national average. Despite a high unemployment rate, experts have optimistic views for the coming months. See our office space articles for more info.
Memphis Office Space Rates:
Even though there is a large unemployment rate, the city still has large commercial real estate developments to take advantage of. There are both commercial and residential real estate developments, creating opportunities for small business owners to grow their business and for entrepreneurs to start their business. Office space in the area is relatively inexpensive and starts with an industry rate of $500 a month and up for furnished and move in ready offices. There has never been a more affordable time to lease Memphis office space. Many properties come with retail adjacent areas, warehouse space, and in some cases free utilities and call center infrastructure. Virtual offices, shared space offices and full furnished suites are some of the more popular options of Memphis office space. There is a large amount of opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to take advantage of.  Even so, tenants are encouraged to negotiate rental rates on their lease agreement and are also advised to check out sublease options.  We have helped lawyers, cpas, firms, design companies, web business, software, counselors, etc.  Finding the ideal office space to lease is time consuming and can be frustrating, so let help you find, tour and negotiate your next move in.  With over 35 office spaces to consider, there is a space available for every size need.
Commute / Transportation:
The large airport in the city of Memphis is the Memphis International Airport. This large-scale metropolitan airport is a world-class facility that helps more than 10 million passengers a year find their way to and from the area. It is ranked among the top airports in the United States.  The 40, 69 and the 240 are the major freeways that offer commuters easy access to Downtown and the outskirts. The crime rate in Memphis is relatively high at around 100 per thousand residents. While violent crime and property crimes have been on the rise, murder, rape and other crimes have been steadily declining. Law enforcement in the area has been combating the trend of crime increase with full force and has seen massive gains in many different areas. Much like other large cities the area has pockets of crime and great, safe neighborhoods as well. Please see our website if you are looking to lease Memphis office space. We are a full provider and have complete listings for all types of commercial office space in the Memphis area.