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Jacksonville Offices

Trying to lease office space in Jacksonville, FL may sound like an easy task during these economic times for many firms such as online advertisers, call centers and medical providers. However, finding the most suitable commercial office that best fits the needs of your Jacksonville based business can often times be a very tedious and frustrating process. For this reason, any company looking to lease Jacksonville office space should always start their search with The largest city in the state of Florida is Jacksonville. Jacksonville has an estimated population of around 807,815 in the city center and roughly 1,313,228 in the metropolitan area. Founded in 1791 the city has a deep Spanish heritage but was named for Andrew Jackson after being acquired from Spain in 1822. Areas in the local Jacksonville area that we service are Arlington, Amelia, Atlantic, Baymeadows and Bowden. We also provide office space in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta.

Office Space Pricing

The greater Jacksonville area has many different commercial real estate developments and has recently catered to small and large business alike. Office space abounds throughout the city and can come equipped with many amenities, including free utilities, internet access and call center infrastructure. A recent survey of office space in the area yielded results as low as $1.70 a square foot for 3,000 square feet and higher, with many having retail adjacent retail store fronts. Leasing an executive suite is much cheaper to the tune of $500 a month for one person. The economic times have made it a ‘renter’s market’ so tenants are encouraged to negotiate lease agreements for rental rates and should also research sublease options. Virtual offices, fully furnished suites and shared space buildings are some of the more popular rental options in today’s market. Despite the wealth of options, the office vacancy rate of Jacksonville has been around 20% but is down from 23% as late as January 2010. The rates are starting to decline slowly as the economic outlook improves but still remains relatively high for this metropolitan city. Even so, now is a very affordable time to lease Jacksonville office space. For more info, see our office space articles.

Jacksonville Economy

The economy of Jacksonville hinges largely on transportation, imports and distribution. The city has a large hub of transportation and offers jobs to thousands of people in the industry. Not just confined to the service industries, the economy hinges greatly on tourism, white-collar jobs and military employment. Among some of the larger companies that call the area home are CSX Corporation, Fidelity National Financial, Winn-Dixie Stores, LandStar System, MPS Group and PSS World Medical. The city is overloaded with options for all vocations imaginable. Whether you’re looking to get into an entry-level position or you’re looking for something more substantial, you can find it with relative ease in Jacksonville. Despite the employment diversity and many options to explore, the area has recently had an unemployment rate around 10% which is above the national average. But recently unemployment has started to see a small decline as more construction and development have put people back to work making now a great time to lease Jacksonville office space. The large airport in the area is located near Highway 102 and is The Jacksonville International Airport which is sometimes referred to as JAX. The area manages to help millions annually travel to and from the greater Jacksonville area and has recently undergone some cosmetic changes to further alleviate the strain of traveling for many passengers. Crime rate in Jacksonville has been a point of interest for many people looking at the city as a great place to explore. The crime rate has been at around 68 per one thousand residents and is relatively low compared to other large-scale cities. The area has started to see a decline and still has rough areas like any other city. In comparison to other cities, the rate is not too high and is really a good place to visit, grow a business or learn. Jacksonville offers a diverse line up of employment, business opportunities, office space, higher learning and entertainment. Much like a lot of other cities in Florida, this city offers sunny weather, beautiful architecture and culture that dates back to when it was a Spanish colony. So if you are researching options to lease Jacksonville office space please see our website. We offer a free service and listings of all types of commercial office space in Jacksonville.