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Trying to find the ideal executive office suite or commercial office space in Houston, Texas is often times an exhausting and tedious process. The current economic times in which we live has made for a tougher business climate and has made it necessary for all businesses (or individuals like consultants, online advertisers, IT technicians, etc) to find the ideal commercial office spaces with the most value. offers a free service and has a proven track record to help any sized business be successful with their search for commercial office space. The fourth largest city in the state of Texas is Houston. The greater metropolitan area has blossomed to upwards of 5.9 million residents. The city has a rich history and tradition that dates back to the 1830’s and was incorporated and named after the President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston. At the turn of the 19th century the city served as a major port and centrally located hub for the railroad industry. When oil was discovered in 1901 the city surged in population and attention. Some areas we service in the Houston Metropolitan area are League City, Piney Point, Sugarland,The Woodlands, and Westchase. We also provide office space in San Antonio, Dallas and Austin.

Office Space Rates

The greater Houston area has a large amount of office space opportunities ranging from 90 sq ft of furnished office space, up to well over 1000 for larger team space needs. Prices may vary depending on floorplan type. Before deciding if you want a furnished office space (aka executive suite), you really need to determine how long you plan on leasing your space for. Are you looking to sign a 6 month, 12 month, or maybe a 24 month lease (some places even offer monthly lease terms). Basically, if you are planning on just signing a 6 or 12 month lease then we would recommend that you go with a furnished unit for many reasons. If you decide to get your own furniture - either buying it or renting it - be prepared to spend a lot of money in the process. Renting furniture can add up very quickly, and buying furniture to fit your needs could cost you a fortune. If you are ready then Find Houston offices for lease.Houston office space mostly consists of large warehouses, retail space, temporary offices, executive suites and fully furnished suites. We cater to lawyers, realtors, agent, finance, mortgage, counselors, start ups, call center, etc.  Starting a new business, expanding the company you have, or just dreaming about the new Houston office you want to lease is overwhelming. If you need to find a rental space/suite in Downtown Houston or if you need to find a commercial building in Sugarland, then we can help. Just deciding on how many square feet you will need can take a few days to figure out, although they say that every employee should equal about 100 sq ft.  Prices will start at about $500 (give or take based on window views, etc.). Some of the locations renting space Wilcrest Dr, Smith St, Texas Ave, NASA Parkway, and many more.  A very common mistake is when a company leases to much office space (decide exactly how many square feet you need), or when they sign too long of an initial lease term - be realistic.  Many opportunities come with retail adjacent options in busy areas.  Due to these high vacancy rates, tenants are advised to negotiate lease agreements and prices prior to move in. More supply than demand is making it an opportune time to lease Houston office space. See our office space articles for more info.

Where To Rent an Office Space in Houston:

Before you run out and lease a Houston office space, be sure to do your research (ask local companies, friends, etc.) and then decide what exact location you want to rent in. Most people have gone through the leasing process before, but for most of us that just involved a residential lease contract. Signing on the dotted line to secure a commercial building (or office space) can be a lot more confusing - primarily because you need to make sure your business location is suited for what your goals are. In other words if you were opening a warehouse or some industrial business then downtown might be perfect. On the other hand if you are going to open a mortgage company, or a law firm, then maybe you would be better off finding an office space near the Woodlands or City Center. Other factors to consider are tax rates and city codes (or laws) that pertain to employees, parking, 24 hour access, etc. In a large city like Houston, one of the biggest things to think about before settling on an office is commute access. Depending on the location you choose it might be hard to find employees who will drive to work (if there is no parking, easy freeway access, or other problems) day after day unless they have a high end corporate job - which means that if your business will be hiring minimum waged workers you should choose a spot near public transportation and is easily accessible.  The 45,69, and 610 freeways provide the most ideal routes for commuters to and from work.  With over 30 business center locations for rent here in Houston, we can help most any business.

Houston Economy

The economy of Houston is mixed with a lot of different industries. The city has become a major recognized center for energy and renewalable energy research. It is among the top cities in terms of energy companies with major corporations calling it home. Some of the major companies that call Houston home are Exxon-Mobil, ConocoPhillips, Shell Oil, and BP just to name a few. The greater Houston area is also one of the leading cities in regards to oilfield equipment production. The other industries in the area rival many other companies and it is also a major head for private-sector jobs. Roughly 42,200 private sector jobs in the area were energy related and even the numbers were even better recently.  The area has a lot of new commercial developments including many commercial real estate options and office spaces for those looking to expand or create businesses. Now is a great time to lease Houston office space with such a large, educated workforce available.

The local large-scale airport is the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, located in the heart of Houston Texas. It is the fourth largest airport in the United States and sixth largest in the world. It was previously known as the Houston Intercontinental Airport when it opened in 1969 but was changed in honor of the 41st president of the United States. The local crime rate has been ranked as 46th in the U.S. with a per capita rate of 16.3 murders per 100,000 people. The area has been fighting crime and the rate has been on a decline as it has in a lot of other areas in the U.S. While the greater Houston area still has a large hub of grand theft auto, drug trafficking and violent crimes, law enforcement has been fighting to bring it down. The city has some safe spots but there are still areas of violence and crime that can rival many other large cities. Houston is a great place to grow a business, start a career or obtain a higher education. Like many other cities, the area has its problems with crime but not nearly as bad as in earlier years. So if you are trying to lease Houston office space please see our website. We provide listings and pictures for all types of office space in the Houston metropolitan area. We offer a free service so visit today. We’ll find the commercial office space your company is looking for.