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Denver Offices

Attempting to lease office space in Denver can be easy for all types of business including finance, customer service and technology firms. However, searching and finding the best commercial office that fits the needs of your business can be very time consuming. For this reason, any company looking to lease Denver office space should always begin their search with Officespaceheaven. The most populous city in the state of Colorado is none other than Denver. Denver has an estimated 598,000 and a metropolitan population of roughly 2,506,626. The city has a diverse amount of opportunities for people of all backgrounds. The city has been nicknamed the “Mile High City” because it is exactly one mile above sea level. It is also a reference point for the Mountain Time Zone. Areas in the Denver metropolitan area that we service are Aurora, Littleton, Arvada, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver Tech Center (DTC), Golden, Parker, Highlands, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. We also offer office space in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Omaha.

Office Space Pricing

Denver, CO has a large amount of commercial developments for both retail and office space needs. Many office space options start at around $1.70 a square foot for 2,000 square feet and lowers as the square footage rises. Rental rates also vary depending on floorplan. There are also many options with retail storefronts, warehouse spaces and many other amenities to take advantage of, regardless of the size of your business. There are many different vacancies in the greater Denver area and a recent survey yielded results that state the rate is at 8%. With a vacancy rate that large, all business types have an opportunity to get affordable office space in the Denver area. Tenants are encouraged to negotiate lease agreements prior to move in. Because of this “renter’s market”, there has been no better time to lease Denver office space.

Denver Economy

The city of Denver has a vast economy that is based on its geographic position. The greater Denver area is the largest city within 500 miles and it has a natural hub for storage and distribution to the Mountain states. Denver is halfway between Chicago and St. Louis and the cities of the West Coast which helps for distribution of goods throughout the country. Several large companies call Denver their home and the city boasts many different options from construction, office space, white collar jobs, blue collar jobs and much more. Denver is also known as one of the biggest sectors for casual fast food dining, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Quizno’s, Smashburger, Qdoba, Noodles & Company and Good Times Burgers. All of them have headquarters in the area. Denver has a wealth of opportunity for work regarding both short-term jobs and long-term career paths. Despite there being a large amount of opportunities for career and positions of all types, the rate of unemployment recently rose upwards of 7.7%. Despite there being a higher rate, it has hit a plateau and started to drop. The population of Denver is well educated which is a positive for any company trying lease Denver office space. For more info, see our office space articles.

The major airport (DIA) in Denver helps millions of travelers reach their destination with relative ease. Denver International Airport is a major airport helping millions annually with business, leisure and other travel options. There have been recent upgrades to the airport with many new opportunities to help travelers enjoy their stay in the airport with amenities like shopping, dining, retail and many other things to see and do while waiting for their flights. The Denver area has seen its fair share of crime and in the last decade the city has seen a rise in Grand Theft Auto and Larceny, but has stayed steady with violent crime. There is a large community of Law Enforcement professionals that have been fighting crime on a consistent basis and trying to get the rate down. The city, despite a large population, has a relatively low crime rate compared to many other large cities. With the large number of outdoor activities and the cities proximity to the mountains, Denver is a great place to locate your business (as many “green” companies have been doing recently). So if you are trying to lease Denver office space, visit our website dedicated to Colorado and the Denver metro area. We offer a free service and will find the Denver commercial office space you are looking for.