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Columbus Offices

Trying to lease office space in Columbus, OH sounds like an easy task during these economic times for many firms such as, tax advisors, consultants and law firms. However, finding the most suitable commercial office that best fits the needs of your Columbus based business can often times be a very tedious and frustrating process. For this reason, any company looking to lease Columbus office space should always start their search with The capital city of Ohio and the third largest metropolitan area in the state is none other than Columbus. Columbus is one of the major cities to be named after Christopher Columbus and was founded in 1812. The city boasts a population of 754,885 in the city center and a metropolitan population of around 1,773,120 residents. The city has been gaining steam in terms of real estate development for both commercial and residential purposes and is one of the finest cities in the nation. Other areas we service in the Columbus area are Arlington, Worthington Commerce and Westerville. We also provide office space for Chicago, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Office Space Pricing

The greater Columbus area has a large amount of commercial real estate developments to help entrepreneurs of all sizes get a foothold in opportunities to house, grow and distinguish their business amongst competition. Office space vacancy rates have been relatively low at 10% and has dropped from being as high as 20% in recent years. With such high vacancy rates, tenants should negotiate lease agreement rental rates and should also research sublease options. You can find a furnished executive suite for just $459 a month. Many different office space opportunities abound at under $900 for over 300 square feet with many unique amenities to take advantage of like internet access and call center capability. Many businesses are looking to lease virtual offices, fully furnished suites and shared space offices. Whether you’re looking to get a large warehouse space or you’re looking for retail storefronts in great areas, you’ll find that the greater Columbus area can assist small businesses with all need. There has never been a more affordable time to lease Columbus office space. For more info, see our office space articles.

Columbus Economy

The city has a diverse economy that hinges on a variety of industries including education, insurance, banking, fashion, defense and so much more. The city has a large number of major companies in the area including many companies ranked in the Fortune 500 list. The city was recently ranked the number three City of the Future in the United States according FDI Magazine. It boats the seventh strongest economy in the United states and although it was hit hard with the recession in 2007 and 2009, it still manages to hold a wealth of opportunity for job seekers of all times. Whether you’re looking to start your career or continue your vocation, you can find a great wealth of options to explore in terms of employment that range from all possible sectors and backgrounds. Even though the city boasts a large amount of employment opportunities, the city has an unemployment rate of around 13% and has just now started to decline as the economy starts to bounce back. With the well educated workforce that Columbus offers, now is a great time to lease Columbus office space. There is no major airport in the area, although the area is home to Columbus Regional Airport which serves many different groups for air travel. The central Ohio area has a lot of interest from business and small luxury airliners but there are larger airports in the surrounding cities that can assist travelers with their international travel needs. The crime rate of Columbus is relatively low compared to other larger cities with the same size of population and density. Recent crime rates have been around 24 per 1,000 residents but has been on the decline. While it was ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in recent years, it has started to improve dramatically. Time will only tell if the lasting decline in crime will stick around. Like any larger city, there are trouble spots with violent crime but it also has great areas with relatively safe neighborhoods. So, if you are looking to lease Columbus office space then please check out our webpage. We provide listings for all types of commercial office space in the Columbus area. also provides a free service.