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Cincinnati Info:

Attempting to lease office space in Cincinnati, OH is usually an easy task for any customer service office, tax company or security firm. However, searching and finding the optimum commercial office that fits the needs of your company can be very time consuming. For this reason, all companies should always begin their search for Cincinnati, Ohio commercial office space with The large city of Cincinnati is located in the state of Ohio and is one of the largest areas in the state. Cincinnati has a core population of around 333,436 and a metropolitan population of 2,155,137. The city has been ranked as the 24th most populous city in the United States. We service other areas in the Cincinnati region such as Fairfield, Goshen, Eastside, Hyde Park, Harrison, Kenwood, Milford and Westchester. We also offer office space in Chicago, Cleveland and Louisville.

Office Space Pricing

For those looking for business opportunities in terms of real estate development, office space and executive suites, the area is flooded with options. Many open office spaces are large warehouse spaces at around $1.40 a square foot and lower. Smaller options can cost $450 a month for small offices with roughly 100 square feet and with flexible lease terms, these furnished office rentals are ideal for the small or growing business.  Rental rates vary depending on size and floorplan. Cincinnati office space consists of executive suites, retail buildings, temporary office space and furnished suites. There is a diverse array of options to take advantage of in the area. This ‘renter’s market’ means better leverage for tenants to negotiate lease agreements prior to move in. See our office space articles for more info.

Cincinnati Economy

Originally thought as a major boomtown in the early 19th century, the city rivals much larger coastal cities in size and wealth. The first major inland city in the country, Cincinnati lacks heavy European influences but still backs a major punch considering that it has major contributions to sports and music as well as the arts. The city is home to a large bustling economy and is home to many major corporations including Procter & Gamble, The Kroger Company, Sunny Delight Beverages, GE Aviation, Macy’s, Convergy’s, Chiquita, Brands International, Great American Insurance Company, Western & Southern Financial Group, The E.W. Scripps Company, the United States Playing Card Company, the Fifth Third Bank, Kao Corporation and many other companies. The city also boasts 10 of the Fortune 500 companies. The largest employer in the area is University of Cincinnati with 15,862 employees and Kroger is the second largest with roughly 15,600 employees. The area has a wealth of opportunities for people of all walks of life and any career goals that they might have. Despite a diverse range of opportunities, the city has an unemployment rate of around 10%. However it has started to decline slightly but has been steady in recent months and is above the national average. With statistics like these, it has never been a better time for tenants trying to lease Cincinnati office space.

Cincinnati Lifestyle

The large airport in the city is Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. It helps millions of travelers move through the area. Being in close proximity to the Kentucky border the area airport helps both Ohio residents and Kentucky residents with relative ease. The area has also gone through a major upgrade in developments on the interior to give off a more modern feel. Their official website has also gotten a major upgrade to help consumers get proper information with greater ease. The crime rate of the greater Cincinnati area rose steadily after the 2001 riots in the area, but has since started to decline. The police force was blamed for the crime rate increase but has since been ramped up to help the city. The most recent numbers favor the city as crime rates have steadily been reduced with the aid of the Cincinnati Police Department and the local Sheriffs in the area. The greater Cincinnati area is a great place to locate your business. So please visit our webpage when searching for office space in Cincinnati. We offer a free service and can assist any business that is trying to lease Cincinnati office space.