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Boston Offices

Searching for the ideal executive office suite or commercial office space is an exhausting and time consuming process. The “Great Recession” has gotten worse making it a necessity for all businesses (or individuals like a financial representative, sales rep., accountant, etc) to find the best office space with the most value. offers a free service and has a proven track record to help any sized company or business succeed with their search. The capital of Massachusetts and the largest city in the state is one of the oldest cities in the United States; it is none other than Boston. Boston is one of the largest cities in the area known as New England and is home to many higher education opportunities as well as career paths to suit all walks of life and vocations. The city center has roughly 620,535, and upwards of 4,522,858 in the metropolitan areas. It has been ranked the 21st largest city in the country and has been ranked 10th largest metropolitan city with 4.5 million people living in the area. Other areas we service in the Boston Metropolitan area are Watertown, Walpole, Waltham, Wayland, Westwood, Weymouth, Winchester, Somerville, Milton and Braintree. We also offer office space in Manhattan, Providence and Vermont.

Office Space Pricing

For people looking to house, grow or start a business in the greater Boston area. There is a wealth of vacant office space to look into. The prices start at less than $2 a square foot for larger options and upwards of $2.29 per square foot for smaller options. Boston commercial office space includes temporary offices, executive suites and furnished offices. Buildings in Boston offer all types of floorplans in which rental rates vary. Check out new Boston offices from $559 a month. Many options include retail adjacent spaces and lots of warehouse spaces with many great amenities to take advantage of as well. In a recently article with The Boston Globe, the office vacancy rate was around 15% in late 2009 but has been improving with newer estimates showcasing the rate at around 11%. With vacancy rates such as these, tenants looking to lease Boston office space are in a great position to negotiate lease agreements which should always be done prior to move in. For more info please see our office space articles.

Boston Economy

For those looking to further their career or look for jobs in the area, Boston offers a great amount of options to consider. The greater Boston area is home to many different industries to take advantage of. There is an estimated 4.8 million dollar economy that is based on high tech industries, biotechnology, life sciences, and national institutes of Health. The area is also home to many financial companies including Fidelity, Bank of America, Sovereign Bank, Prudential and State Street Corporation just to name a few. For people looking to grow in the financial industries, Boston has been touted as one of the top 10 cities in the world for a career in finance. With so many people working in the financial district, it is no wonder that there are many new commercial developments to house offices and new business from all backgrounds. There are great strides in developments getting pushed toward completion in the greater Boston area. With so many different opportunities hinging on financial sectors, it is no wonder that the unemployment rate has recently risen to upwards of 9.5% but it has been showing signs of improvement. Today is a great time to lease Boston office space.

Boston Living

Boston has been witnessing a decline in crime rate as the city has been pushing an anti-crime movement. There have been major strides to have better overall crime fighting initiatives throughout the city.
The big airport in the area is Logan International Airport and is located near the 90 Freeway and is a large scale international airport servicing millions of people throughout the Boston area for business, vacation, and much more. Boston has a rich history that dates back to the revolutionary war. Millions of people flock to the area to visit the historical sites. The city also boasts a rich sports history with teams like the Red Sox and the Celtics bringing a championship tradition and heritage that is not found in many other places outside of the East Coast. The Boston metro area offers a well educated workforce along with it’s cultural entertainment making it a great place to host a business. So, if your company is attempting to lease Boston office space please see our website. We offer a free service and can find any type of suite or office building your company needs.