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Beverly Hills Info:

Trying to find the ideal executive office suite or commercial office space in Beverly Hills, CA can be a time consuming and frustrating process. The current economic times in which we live has made for a tougher business climate and has made it necessary for all businesses (or individuals like accountants, customer service reps. and lawyers, etc) to find the ideal commercial office spaces with the most value. Even in today’s tumultuous market, we can help you find and lease Beverly Hills office space. offers a free service and has a proven track record to help any sized business be successful with their search for commercial office space in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is a city located in the west side of Los Angeles. It is one of the most affluent cities in the Los Angeles area and is in close proximity to the Hollywood area. The city is part of the “Platinum Triangle” of affluent neighborhoods that are in the western Los Angeles area. The population of Beverly Hills is estimated at around 36,884 and has fluctuated in recent years. The area is home to many Hollywood celebrities, corporate offices and many wealth individuals. Areas near Beverly Hills that we service are Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu, Sherman Oaks, Alhambra and Burbank. We also provide office space in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Orange County.

Office Space Pricing

The city of Beverly Hills has a great wealth of office space and commercial real estate developments. Due to its close proximity to Hollywood, there is always construction and development in the area for professionals looking to house a business in the famous 90210 area code. Some of the types of office space that is in high demand are shared space offices, virtual offices and fully furnished suites. Office space is not cheap, but there are some bargains due in large part to the recent economic downturn. Many locations have been found to be around $750 a month for a nice team space and rise rapidly with larger spaces (available suites range from 99 sq ft to well over 500 sq ft for those larger corporate or team type needs). There are some lower priced options, but they are still relatively expensive considering the city they are located in. Even so, this is still an opportune time to lease Beverly Hills office space

Popular locations for renting a furnished office in Beverly Hills include North Camden, Wilshire Blvd, Rodeo Drive, and more.  The area is constantly in high demand but tenants should still negotiate all options on their lease agreement including rental rates and terms. Sublease options should also be considered. See our office space articles for more information.  Of course the closest city is Century City which is first class all the way, just like the executive offices we have for rent in Century City.  These business centers in Beverly Hills are top notch and provide tenants a safe and impressive place to meet clients, grow their business, and all of that comes with flexible lease terms.  We offer a free service and provide listings and solutions. So inquire with us and we’ll search and find the office space in Beverly Hills that you are looking for.  We cater to small and mid size companies, but we can also help the larger corporation or firm that needs a solution big or small.  We have helped all types of businesses from cpas, counselors, design firms, architects, start ups, bank, mortgage, realtors, PR, marketing firms, sales agents, and many more.  Whether you need 100, 250, 300, or 500 sq ft, we can help.

Office Space Amenities:

A recent survey of vacancies found many options in terms of office space with amenities like guarded entries, window views, phone systems, conference rooms, admin support, manned reception, virtual offices, CCTV, 24 hour access, IT support, kitchens, gyms, and answering services to help business grow and develop in the area.  Getting all these amenities while renting an office space is the big advantage of leasing an executive office suite, versus renting a traditional office space that is unfurnished, requires a 3 year lease, and has the potential for hidden fees.

Beverly Hills Economy

The economy of the greater Beverly Hills area is attributed to major office spaces for those working within the entertainment industry. This includes lawyers, professionals, paralegals and many more. At one point Hilton Hotels were headquartered in the area, bringing much revenue in the past to the area. GeoCities was also headquartered in the area in the past. The city has also received millions of dollars in revenue through a large and still-productive oil field that is underneath much of Beverly Hills High School.
Beverly Hills has a large amount of jobs and different vocations to take advantage of. Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or you’re looking to start your career in the service industry, there are a lot of different things to explore in the city. While the cost of living is quite high, it is centrally located and easy to get to from the outer regions of the Los Angeles Area. The area is also close to many different higher learning centers giving it a high concentration of opportunities to explore for all walks of life - local colleges include UCLA, Santa Monica City College, USC, to name a few.

Commute / Culture:
The nearest airport to the Beverly Hills area is located off the 405 freeway and is none other than LAX. Los Angeles International Airport is one of the largest, busiest airports in the country and services the entire Los Angeles County with relative ease. The crime rate of Beverly Hills is relatively low due in large part to the affluence of the area. While there are some violent crimes in the area, outside of high profile crimes, there is little to no crime in the general area. Please visit our website as we offer a free service and provide complete listings for all types of office space in Beverly Hills. The 10 and 405 freeway provide a fast commute route for people coming from the South Bay, or from the Valley.  Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvd are the 2 main roads that access Beverly Hills, along with Sunset and Rodeo Drive for local access.  For help finding a place to park you can check out this website.
Beverly Hills has been on the radar of media for many years in pop culture and more. However, the city is more than just an affluent neighborhood with a high concentration of celebrities. There are many highly rated restaurants in the area (recently Pump and Sur have become hotspots) catering to the upper class of the city and many options in terms of entertainment and more. The area is full of large houses, mansions and large estates. Therefore the opportunities to wine and dine are vastly superior to many other areas in the same proximity.  There are also great centers of culture in the area including opera houses, art museums and many other points of interest in the area. You can find a wealth of opportunity to view some high end art and more in the Beverly Hills area as well as dine with the celebrity population.