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Baltimore Info:

Trying to lease office space in Baltimore, MD can be an easy task for any medical provider, sales rep or lawyer’s office. However, searching and finding the optimum commercial office that fits the needs of your company can be very time consuming. For this reason, all companies should always begin their search for Baltimore commercial office space with Baltimore is an independent city and the largest cultural city center of the state of Maryland. The city is located in central Maryland and is near the Patapsco River. The city is sometimes is referred to as Baltimore City in order to separate it from Baltimore County. The city was founded as a major seaport since it was close to midwestern markets and has blossomed into a large force in terms of diverse industries. The population has been estimated recently at 639,455 in the city center and upwards of 2,668,056 in the metropolitan area.  Baltimore is also a major tourist destination for those who are looking for the arts, museums dedicated to history, or historical buildings and points.  Baltimore is a diverse city with lots of great things to help people learn, grow and establish major roots in the greater area. If you’re looking for education, small business opportunities or looking to simply change your way of life, this major city might be a great option for you. It definitely has all the amenities of any major big city.  Other areas we service in the Baltimore metropolitan area are FORT MEADE -ODENTON, Laurel, PIKESVILLE, Savage, Towson, Pebble and White Marsh. We also offer office space in Washington DC, Richmond and Philadelphia.

Office Space Rental Rates

For business owners or entrepreneurs looking to find good real estate developments, the Baltimore area has been growing by leaps and bounds. There are a lot of different options to take advantage of in the area with prices that start at just $499 a month and up, depending on size and floorplan (which are designed for bullpens, open office layouts, etc). Each of the offices in the city is well constructed. Many Baltimore executive office suites have reception areas which are well designed and depending on terms, may have a manned telephone service or lounge area. Many offices also include conference rooms, AV equipment for conferences, broadband access, wireless technology, elevators, fitness centers, telephone answering, café, and sundry services. Most buildings also offer car parking facilities and have 24 hour security. 
Many Baltimore executive office suites have panoramic views of the harbor. The main hubs of the city are the Inner Harbor Center, Pratt St., Downtown, East Lexington St., Calvert St and Smith Avenue etc. Lease agreements for rental rates regarding Baltimore executive office suites are usually paid monthly and per office. This is similar to other major cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and DC.

Office space in the greater Baltimore area is available in various sizes for furnished offices, with spaces starting from 99 sq ft.  Some of the best business center locations include East Lexington, Lombard St, and Smith Avenue.  We cater to helping attorneys, sales, agents, mortgage,finance, counselors, start ups, tech, PR companies and more.  Rental rates include those of executive suites, temporary suites and furnished office buildings. The greater Baltimore area has a high office vacancy rate. In fact, a recent news report stated that the commercial real estate market showed about one-fifth of the city’s office space in the city was vacant. In fact, the city has stated that real estate recovery in terms of office space is a long ways off and average rental rates have plummeted which is good for those looking to build or develop a business. Because of this ‘renter’s market’, lease agreements should be negotiated prior to move in. This is a great time for tenants looking to lease Baltimore office space.

For more information, see our office space articles.  There are a lot of office spaces to consider to fit any sized business. The rates per square feet range from small offices that house small business to sprawling warehouses and retail space. Office space in Baltimore also includes executive suites, full service offices and furnished suites. Rental rates for office space in Baltimore are very affordable. We can also help you figure out how to measure how much office space you need.  The most important factor when deciding what office to rent is how many sq ft you need, and do you want an executive type suite (that is move in ready).  Renting a furnished office is ideal for those who want flexibility and great move in deals, while companies who have their own furniture and are certain they want a longer term lease will do better leasing a traditional office space.

Baltimore Economy:

The greater Baltimore area has six Fortune 1000 companies calling it home including Constellation Energy, Grace Chemicals, Black & Decker, Legg Mason, T. Row Price, McCormick & Company, Brown & Sons and other companies include Alex. Brown & Sons, Brown Advisory, Vertis, FTI Consulting, Under Armor, Thomson Prometric, DAP, Performax, 180°, Sylvan Learning,, Old Mutual Financial Network, Wm. T. Burnett & Co and DeBaufre Bakeries. The city is also home to Johns Hopkins Hospital and has been serving as a major biotechnology hub for many years. The city offers vocations and career paths in all industries from retail, tech to construction and more. There are many options to take advantage of in the Baltimore, Maryland area for any walks of life. Businesses that are relocating to the Baltimore area and are trying to lease Baltimore office space will have a good workforce to select from.
The Baltimore area has been plagued by a high crime rate for many years. However, in recent years the rate has started to drop with a lot more focus on the area through concerted law enforcement areas. East Baltimore has been known for the highest crime rates but with a large amount of police involvement the rate is starting to decline steadily, which is in line with a national trend.
Commute / Culture:
Baltimore has a large airport known as Baltimore-Washington International Airport; it services millions of travelers annually as they move through the city and area with relative ease. There have been serious improvements to the airport in line with many others to help keep passengers calm, collected and even entertained while they wait in the airport before reaching their destination. There are many transportation options and shuttles that help make traveling a lot easier for business or personal reasons. Baltimore, Maryland is not only a great place to live but is also a friendly place to start a business. The major freeways to get around town are the 83, 95, and the 695, which allow for easy commute access to and from these furnished offices.  See our website for more info regarding office space in Baltimore. Baltimore, MD has a high range of educational opportunities that range from small community colleges to large private and public educational institutions.  The major colleges that call Baltimore home are Baltimore International College, Maryland Institute College of Art, University of Baltimore and other educational centers to make sure you meet your collegiate goals. Baltimore also has a great array of arts and culture in the surrounding area.

Baltimores Inner Harbor, at a time was the 2nd largest port of entry for the immigrants and a chief manufacturing center. But, the harbor has now been converted to Harbor Place, which is a retail, entertainment and tourist destination. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is also situated here. Baltimore has also diversified to the service sector industries. The city was a home to steel processing, auto manufacturing, shipping & transportation. Baltimore also suffered a de-industrialization period that cost the city residents high wage jobs but Baltimore has shifted to the modern service economy and is now a growing financial, health and business sector, which entails smaller companies renting a Baltimore executive office suite.