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Greenway Plaza is located 5 miles west of Downtown Houston.   It is a mixed use, master planned development and was Houston’s first business commercial residential complex.   Of the ten large commercial buildings in Greenway Plaza, well over four million square feet of office space exists.  Along with the mass amounts of retail space in Greenway Plaza there is also ample residential and retail space.  

Office Space Rates

Office space in Greenway Plaza does not solely exist in the forms of large offices (Class A and Class B offices).  Small office space in Greenway Plaza is also available for the sole proprietor or small business.  Tax consultants, insurance agents and financial advisors can find the right type of office space in Greenway Plaza as well.   Executive suites, shared space offices, virtual offices, temporary suites and full furnished offices are many types of Greenway Plaza office space.  Office space in Greenway Plaza can start as low as $400 per month.  Of course the lease agreement will be negotiated.  Rental rates and prices can adjust depending on how flexible the lease agreement is and how the office layout is constructed.  Prices can also depend on how many amenities are included.  Office amenities that can be found in Greenway Plaza office space are conference centers, meeting rooms and business centers.  Greenway Plaza office space comes in both large and small varieties.  Let find the right type of Greenway Plaza office space that best fits the needs of your company.  With today’s economic times, there has been no better time to lease office space in Greenway Plaza.  We are expert providers and can answer all questions regarding office space leasing.  For more office space listings in nearby cities such as Downtown Houston, Sugarland or Katy please see our site.  


The George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the nearest major airport located near Greenway Plaza.  For public transportation needs, the Metro is used.   Timmons Lane and Greenway Plaza East are two of the major roads located in Greenway Plaza.  Due to the areas use as an office space district, there are no colleges or universities located in the district.  Summer months are usually very hot and humid while winter months are mild.