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Part of Houston is home to the Greater Greenspoint District which is an area spanning twelve square miles.  It is located in northern Harris County.   A subsidiary of Exxon developed the area in 1991.  It is estimated that 70,000 people work in Greenspoint and that the area houses more than 18 million square feet of office space.  
Although the area is known for energy and logistic companies, Greenspoint is home to Express Jet Airlines.  Noble Energy and Canning Drilling Technologies also have their headquarters in located in Greenspoint.  Although company is not headquartered there, Exxon leases a large amount of office space in Greenspoint.  

Office Space Rates

With so much office space in Greenspoint available, any company, large or small, can find  the right type of space they need.  Whether you are looking for large office space like Class A and Class B offices or a large office park, Greenspoint has what you need.  For small office space in Greenspoint there are many options to choose.  Executive office suites, temporary space, virtual offices and shared space offices are all available in the Greenspoint office space landscape.  Many of the small office space options are beneficial for small firms and individuals such as doctors, real estate teams and law firms.  One major benefit is that many of the amenities can be shared such as meeting room space, conference areas, fax machines and printers.  Lease agreements are more flexible now in today’s economy but depend on office square footage and office floor plan.  Office space in Greenspoint can start as low as $410 per month.  Prices/rental rates should be negotiated with the lease agreement terms.  Office Space Heaven can help you search and find the right type of office space in Greenspoint.  We are experts in all office space leasing topics.  See our Greenspoint office space listings.  For more office space listings in neighboring cities such as Katy, Downtown Houston or Uptown Houston please visit our page.


George Bush Intercontinental Airport services the area of Greenspoint while the Metro is the public transportation service.  Lone Star College-North Harris is located in Greenspoint. Some of the major roads bordering Greenspoint are:  Hardy Toll Road, Airtex Blvd., Veterans Memorial Drive and West Road.  Winters are very mild with January usually being the coldest month.  Summers are hot and humid.