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The city of Elk Grove is located in the northern California region of Sacramento County. Located south of the state capital, and housing quite a bit of the county's population the area is sometimes referred to as “The City of Elk”. The estimated population of the area is 137,318 and continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  If you need help finding a good office space in Elk Grove then search our listings or call us today.

The economic picture of Elk Grove relies heavily on its close proximity to the state capital. The capital city of California has a great concentration of government positions, large scale companies and more. While Elk Grove does provide a diverse amount of job opportunities, larger employers are found in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. Some of the larger companies in and around the city include, Bustos Media, Chrometa, Lyon's, Fools of the World, GenCorp, The McClatchy Company, and many more. Despite a great deal of employment options for job seekers to explore the unemployment rate of the city is at 7% which is slightly higher than the national average.

Office Space Rates:

Those looking for Elk Grove office space and retail space will find a great deal of options in and around the area. In a recent survey of office space vacancy options the area had many small offices starting at around $500 a month. Larger retail spaces and more started at around $900 for 200 square feet and more. There are different variables that can change the price in either direction, but are comparable to other large scale communities. Elk Grove is a small, quiet town, but there are many companies in the area that have taken office space and many more that rent smaller executive suites and shared spaces (conference rooms, meeting rooms, etc.).  Office space heaven offers a Free service to our renters, so search our office listings or just call us today for immediate help.  If you run a law firm, real estate or insurance company, or a larger business like a marketing firm, we have commercial properties that are Move in ready.  We also have temporary units, business center options, flexible lease terms, and more. We also have properties for rent in Roseville, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks and Sacramento.

Airport Access:

The climate of Elk Grove is similar to that of other cities in the Northern California region. The city receives a great deal of warm weather with many consecutive sunny days that can easily near 100 degrees in the summer. The city is not prone to getting a lot of extreme weather, and although there are four seasons the changes are slight and not nearly as noticeable as other regions in the nation.  If you need to travel often for work then the Sacramento Airport is closest.