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The city of Decatur is located in the northern region of the state of Georgia. The estimated population of the city has risen in recent years due in large part to favorable commercial real estate and private residential real estate booms. The estimated population of the city is 18,000. The nickname of Decatur and motto is, “A City of homes, schools and places of worship”, making it a nice area to live, learn, and grow in.
The economic picture of Decatur is much like other medium size cities. The area has a great deal of industries for job seekers to explore in a variety of different vocations. It's interesting to note that the area continues to grow in large part to the suburban area and large focus on community and more. While the city has no major corporations or large companies, there is a great deal of smaller employers and around the area abound. Job seekers will find that the area is quite good and favorable to those that are looking for employment opportunities in and around the city center.

Office Space Rates:

Office space and retail storefronts exist in the area with a great deal of commercial development that has been completed in recent years. In a recent survey of Decatur office space options, the area featured many small spaces as well as larger spaces at around $1 - $3 a square foot. The area had similar rates to larger cities with a great deal of options to explore. Those that are looking for options to build and grow business will find many office parks and business centers to explore in and around the local Decatur area. If you need a flexible lease, then we can help as we have temporary rentals, monthly offices to rent, and long term options which usually come at a cheaper price.  You can find office listings in Class A and Class B buildings with amenities galore like - furnished spaces, security, 24-7 access, views, meeting rooms, internet, and kitchens.  Start by searching our Decatur listings online or call us today and let us help you with the process.  The slow economy has certainly lowered the office rental prices in recent months, but Atlanta is showing a strong commercial real estate market in 2010, so hopefully the local office space market will recover soon.  We can help any sized business (from 1 to 50 employees) no matter how many square feet you need, so contact us today.  We work with law and marketing firms, medical, cpas, insurance and real estate agents, etc.
Local zip codes in Decatur where we have office spaces and executive suites for rent are 30030, 30031, 30032, 30033, 30034, 30035, 30036, and 30037.  We also have office suites and commercial properties for lease in Stone Mountain, Atlanta, and Norcross.  


The area is home to a great deal of quality higher education centers. The city has a good sized public school with lots of options for developing students for higher education. Some of the higher education centers in the area includes Agnes Scott College, Columbia Theological Seminary, Emory University, and much more.
The weather of Decatur is similar to that of other parts of Georgia with mild winters and hot summers with high humidity. The area doesn't receive extreme weather outside of warmer summers with humidity, and snowfall is relatively rare.

Decatur Transportation:

Decatur Georgia is located right next to the city of Atlanta, so if you need access to an airport then the easiest option is just the Atlanta Airport.  For your employees that will be driving to work, the local freeways are the the 401 and 402, along with Interstate 20, 75, and I-85.  Decatur and Atlanta have a great public transportation system for those residents that don't want to fight traffic.