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Chicago Office Rentals:

family: Arial">Renting an office space in Chicago is a must for any company or professional (like a lawyer, insurance agent, cpa, etc.). Searching for commercial real estate to rent or lease can be time consuming, which is why you should always start your search with The Chicago area is a locale that is famous for so many things. From deep dish pizza, to strong winds, Chicago has a lot offer in terms of culture and education. The area has been one of the best places to live for a long time and while people only seem to remember Michael Jordan and the dynasty of the Chicago Bulls, there is so much more to offer new and old alike. Areas around Chicago that we service are Central Loop River, Crestwood, Highland Park, Logan Square, Michigan Ave, Naperville and Oak Park. Other major cities we handle are Cincinnati, Baltimore, New York, Boston, and more.

Serviced Office Prices:

If you own a business or are looking to rent some office space, Chicago has a large amount of opportunities in the city center as well as the metropolitan and urban centers. Prices have been shown to start at around $550 for 100 square feet and upwards of $2400 a month for 400 square feet just to name a couple of examples. The aforementioned rental rates include those of a Chicago serviced office. Whether you’re looking for store front or warehouse space, there are a lot of prices and locales to choose from in the greater Chicago Area. Many office spaces can be leased via short or long term. A Chicago executive office may include secretarial services and may also be leased fully furnished. For more information on the current commercial real estate market visit our office space articles.

The city of Chicago, Illinois has 9,456,385 people in the metropolitan area and is the third largest U.S. city. At its core it has 2.8 million people and is the largest city in the state of Illinois and the Midwestern United States. There is a deep diversity of people in the area and it has a wealth of opportunities both in terms of jobs and education.

Chicago Unemployment:

The unemployment rate in Chicago, Illinois reached 10% recently and it has been hard to bounce back in this economic downturn. But, it has still managed to create new and old opportunities for people of all walks of life. Never a city to stay down, Chicago, IL has been bouncing back in recent months and is looking for another comeback. So don’t count them out. Even with the downturn in the economy, Chicago has been touted as being one of the most balanced economical cities due to its high level of commerce from large corporations to small private companies and beyond.

Education is an important factor in deciding your future in any major city and Chicago is no slouch when it comes to educational opportunity. You can choose from Columbia College, Malcolm X College, Illinois Institute of Technology, Harrington College of Design and University of Illinois amongst many other small and large colleges to create one of the most diverse educational landscapes in the United States today.

Local Culture:

Culture in the Chicago area stems from deep dish pizza to the sports franchises that have brought glory to the city. In the NBA there is the Chicago Bulls, in MLB there is the Chicago White Sox and Cubs and in the NFL, the Chicago Bears boast one of the best defenses around. Sports and food are just a piece of the bigger picture but it seems to be one of the major draws for people and sports fans of all walks of life from all over the country.

There are continual new developments in the area and a lot of businesses are taking note. Chicago is continually moving and proving that it’s not just the Windy City or the home of deep dish pizza. It is a big city with great opportunities for all those that wish to show up and test the waters. So please see our webpage to help you with your search. Our page dedicated to the Chicago area will offer solutions to help you with your search. We are a provider of listings and will find the Chicago serviced office that you are looking for.