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The city of Camarillo is part of the county of Ventura in the Southern California region of the United States. It is a small community with a growing population of around 64,700. The area is known for the favorable weather, and the high concentration of residential and commercial real estate. The city is located near several hills and has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. The city has been touted as one of the best places to live in Southern California due in large part to the temperate climate, and high quality of life. On average, the area receives upwards of 300 days of sunshine and low chances of extreme weather.
Employment opportunities in and around Camarillo abound in traditional industries for industrialized cities. Staples such as law enforcement, medical, and small business thrives in and around the area. Many residents also go to Ventura in order to find employment options. Job seekers of all backgrounds will find the area favorable in contrast to the southern California area of Los Angeles, as it is more “family” oriented in a variety of ways. With a below than average crime rate, the area is one of the safest areas in the nation, and a major point of interest for those looking to live and work in the area.  Camarillo is home to premium outlet shopping, and is notable for its agricultural industry. Camarillo zip codes include 93010, 93011, and 93012.

Camarillo Office Spaces:

Office space and retail storefronts abound in and around the area. A recent survey of options found many results comparable to larger areas in the southern California area. Office space in Camarillo, upon searching vacancies, cost between $450 a month (for small unit) up to an average of about $600 a month, and above $1000 for larger team spaces that fit multiple employees.  Amenities like free internet, warehouse storage, and much more changed the scope of the price.  Leasing a Camarillo CA office space or executive suite can help any company (lawyers, realtors, brokers, finance and insurance agents, etc.).  Companies that have recently leased Camarillo executive office suites have included lawyers, brokers, mortgage and finance consultants, counselors, agents, and a range of other professionals. These executive office spaces are hard to beat and come fully equipped with an array of world class amenities. Some of these amenities can include; reception services, high speed internet, meeting rooms with video conferencing capabilities, secure parking, and 24/7 private access. This feature is perfect for those with wish or need to work late and/or on weekends. Flexible and even temporary (monthly, six months etc) lease terms are available on select suites, as are flexible layouts and floor plans. There has never been a better time to lease new office space than now. With the economy still slow, but showing signs of recovery, and commercial real estate prices at record lows, the time to move into your new company headquarters is here.  We also service commercial properties in Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Encino, Westlake Village, and Ventura County.  If you need an office that has 100 sq ft, 500 or even 1000 square feet, we can help so search our listings or call us today and let us help you find the best office suites in Camarillo.  We commonly help find office suites in Camarillo for insurance and real estate agents, llc's and start ups, therapists, and more.  With new executive office suites listed in Class A and Class B office parks in Ventura County, we can find commercial property for companies that have 1 employee or 100 employees.  Call us today or search our website for images and details on available listings.

Airport Offices:

The local airport is Camarillo Airport and featured upwards of 150,000 aircraft operations. The regional airport helps serve as a hub for larger airports in the Camarillo area and most recently served as a filming location of the successful television series, “24”.  Camarillo is located right on the 101 Ventura Freeway. Other major roads include; Lewis Rd, Las Posas Rd, Carmen Dr, Potrero rd, and Los Angeles Ave. Although Camarillo does have an airport, it is used mostly for private aviation. The closest major airports are Bob Hope in Burbank (39 miles) and LAX (41 miles). Public transport is provided by the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner, which runs from San Diego to San Luis Obispo, and the Metrolink Ventura County Line to Los Angeles Union Station. Bus service is operated by CAT. Weather in the Camarillo area on average is usually mild during summer with temperatures in the 60's and cool during winter with temperatures in the 50's. Annual rainfall is 13.6 inches.
Education is a major asset to the area and there are many large and small colleges to get a higher education in a variety of disciplines. Some of the colleges in the area include, Ventura College, Santa Barbara Business College, Lu Ross Academy, University of California Santa Barbara, and many others.