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Bloomington, Minnesota strategically sits on the banks of the Mississippi River and is located in Hennepin County.  The city help makes up the Minnneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington metro area and has a population of around 83,000.  Bloomington, MN arguably has one of the best economies in Minnesota and specializes in hospitality and retail.

Bloomington MN Commercial Office Space Rental Rates

With such a robust economy, Bloomington has all types of commercial office space available and is an ideal place to locate a business.  Many large commercial buildings exist in office park settings to include both Class A offices and Class B offices.  For small office space in Bloomington there are furnished suites, executive office suites, shared space offices, temporary suites, virtual offices and multi tenant space.  Many firms like advertising agencies, tax accountants and insurance agents prefer multi tenant facilities because costs are lowered by sharing certain amenities.  Amenities can often times be shared among all tenants in a building.  Examples of shared amenities can be business centers, office supplies, meeting/conference facilities and long distance phone service.  Due to the current economic crisis, many landlords are offering a more flexible lease agreement and discounted rates for their Bloomington office space.  Rental rate prices vary depending on many factors such as location, office square foot size, office floor plan and lease terms.  Lease terms for office space in Bloomington can be found for ‘month to month’ or longer term contracts. is a full service provider for all office space leasing issues.  We have many postings for office space in Bloomington (zip codes:  55420, 55425, 55431, 55435, 55437, 55438).  We offer a free service and will search and find the best Bloomington office space to fit your company’s needs.  For more listings in nearby areas like Minnetonka, or St. Paul please see our site. 


Interstate 35W, Interstate 494, Bush Lake, Mall of America, West Bloomington, East Bloomington and France Avenue are some of the popular areas and roads passing through Bloomington, MN.  Public transportation comes in the forms of bus routes and light rail lines and is provided by Metro Transit.  For The nearest airport to the area is the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.