Finding Office Space in Garland Texas to Rent

Office Space Rental Rates: First thing to do when preparing to rent a commercial property (of any type) is to figure out your maximum monthly budget (usually rates are priced by square foot). You want to know ahead of time what you can afford because there is no use in looking at properties in Garland that you can't afford. Leasing an office space in Garland get expensive quick with rates at about $15/SF/per year.  If you rent the traditional type of space where you need to furnish the space, sign a longer term lease, etc. then be sure to know about possible fees like taxes, insurance.  Also be sure to know how to measure the office  space itself so you understand possible floorplans.  Renting retail space in Garland is gonna cost on average $18SF per year and it also depends on things like - length of lease, how bad landlord needs to rent the unit, does the tenant need space built out, etc.  Warehouse and industrial rentals in Garland are gonna be cheaper to lease, and prices, start at about $7Sf / per year.  Industrial type space (yard space, storage) is always a lot cheaper than other commercial properties.  If you are not fully aware of the industry or you don't have hours to spend, considering working with a tenant rep in Garland as it's a free service for tenants.   Renting an executive suite is another option for companies who want a short term lease, modern amenities like vm, IT support, parking, admin, etc., but these type of move in ready (turn key) suites can cost $500 a month just for a 150 SF....  Some of the popular locations for renting an office space include State St., TownSquare Blvd, Cedar Sage Drive just to name a few.   Main thing to remember no matter what you lease is don't rent more sq footage than you need, and don't sign a Long Term lease if you can avoid it.
Local Business / City Services:  Garland is a pretty small city with a population under 240,000 people.  But the last few years has seen the commercial real estate market stabelize and things appear to be improving.  There is a wide variety of companies doing business in Garland and it's the 12th biggest city in Texas.  Walmart and Raytheon are 2 of the biggest employers in the area and they employ over 5000 people combined. The DART Blue Line provides local bus access to and from the office, and the Downtown Garland Station is a busy stop.
Commute / Freeway Access:  Driving to the office can be a big deal if you or your staff is commuting a long distance - say from Irving or Dallas which is why the 30 and 635 provide a key route to and from.  You need to consider commute times and how accessible your new office space is before you committ.  You don't want to lose staff members or deter new employees because of the location you choose. Obviously there are only so many office bulidings available to choose from, but if you have to wait a little while or pay a little more money, it might be the best decision.  Just like offering parking is important to employees and clients, so is offering a central location.