About Us

OfficeSpaceHeaven.com aims to be the premire the search engine for commercial property.

OfficeSpaceHeaven.com's evolving network has helped over 1 MILLION website visitors who were looking for commercial property.  OfficeSpaceHeaven.com aggregates available property listings across the country to aid our visitor's search for the perfect commercial property.  Our database offers more than 50,000 commercial properties - including properties for rent, properties for sale, and properties not currently on the market.


Our national database covers most of the major executive suites (business centers) in the nation, along with a variety of conventional commercial properties for lease. 


We know where the vacant units are, where the move in specials are and our network is connected with the building managers to ensure our users save time and money.


Working with OfficeSpaceHeaven.com allows our tenants the chance to compare local office space prices, amenities, and lease terms -  all giving the tenant a better deal.


Our experience will help you decide how many square feet you need, what amenities you need, and what type of lease will work best for you -  monthly, 6 or 12 months, etc.